Research Paper Publications by Faculty


Name of Faculty Title of the paper Year
Prof. Vijay Pawar Envisioning India 2050 Concerns of  Urban environment – Social Issues 2019-20
Prof. Vijay Pawar Changing housing trends & political influences 2019-20
Prof. Vijay Pawar Regionalism in architecture & globalization. 2019-20
Prof. Suruchi Randive & Prof. Purva Shah Culturally responsive urban development 2019-20
Prof. Suruchi Randive & Prof. Purva Shah Community Participation in Heritage Management at Chandori 2019-20
Prof. Purva Shah & Prof. Nandan Malani Reclaiming Glory of Shehr-i-Khas,Srinagar — Revitalization of Ali Kadal-Maharaj Ganj Area 2018-19
Prof. Ketaki Joshi Life Cycle Analysis of a curtain wall glass assembly using high performance glazing and aluminium support system 2018-19
Prof. Ketaki Joshi & Prof. Priyansi Tambat Promoting craft entreprenuership by rejuvenating Tambat craft in old tambat aali Nashik 2017-18
Prof. Anil Thombre Evalution of strenth of fibre reinforced concrete using plastic fibres 2017-18
Prof. Anil Thombre Review of strenth of fibre reinforced concrete using plastic fibres 2017-18
Dr.Prajakta Baste Ground water Governance for Indian cities 2017-18
Prof. Gaurav Arbooj Sustainable Development imperatives for new towns in hilly areas – A case of India 2017-18
Prof. Umesh Hirve To findout the feasibility of ethylene – tetra – fluoro – ethylene (ETFE) in inflatable pillow systeme (IPS) to be used for building facades. 2016-17
Prof. Natasha Parsai Adaptive reuse of heritage buildings 2016-17
Prof.Smita Kasar patil Revitalisation of Sarkarwada, Nashik, Maharashtra 2016-17
Dr.Prajakta Baste Water visdom – River Godavari & Nashik 2016-17
Prof. Purva Shah Maintaining uniqueness in globalization: Exploring progressive approch towards urban conservation opportunities in smart cities movement : Cases of cities in India 2016-17
Prof. Sharmishtha Ruikar Vacant building in infrastructure projects – strategies for reuse 2015-16
Dr.Prajakta Baste Management of Natural Resources in Rural Areas : A key to prevent Migration from the rural areas. 2015-16
Dr.Prajakta Baste River Godavari- A case of Urban Riverfront Regeneration 2015-16