Students Grievance Redressal Cell

M.V.P Samaj’s College of Architecture, Nashik has formed a students grievance redressal cell as per UGC 2012 norms


  • To provide a holistic development of students by providing a healthy, friendly and comfortable working environment where students can reach (Contact/coordinate) with suggestions, and convey their grievances if any.
  • To address genuine problems and complaints of students whatever be the nature of the problem.
  • Problems and Complaints can be related to academic and non-academic matters, such as assessment, victimization, attendance, charging of fees, conducting examinations, harassment by colleague students or teachers etc.
  • Students are encouraged to use the suggestion boxes placed in the premises to express constructive suggestions and grievances.


  • The cases will be attended promptly on receipt of written grievances from the students
  • To address academic matters; related to timely issue of duplicate mark-sheets, transfer certificates, conduct certificates or other examination related matters.
  • To address financial matters; related to dues and payments for various items from library, hostels etc
  • To address other matters; related to certain misgivings about conditions of sanitation, preparation of food, availability of transport, etc.
  • Pending cases, if any, which require direction and guidance from the higher authorities.

Role & Responsibilities

  • To Implement the students grievance redressal policy  & cell (UGC regulation 2012) at the Institute.
  • To make stakeholders of institute aware of the system.
  • To create a free atmosphere & transparent mechanism for the students to point out their issues/ concerns or suggestions.
  • To ensure the fair and timely resolution of the complaints.
  • Redress the complaints and to take actions in the benefit of students and the institute.

Procedure for lodging a grievance:

  • The students may feel free to put up a grievance in writing and drop it in the complaint box or submit in office or to any teaching faculty or to class coordinator.
  • The Grievance Cell will assure that the grievance has been properly solved in a stipulated time limit provided by the cell.
  • A Grievance Cell should be constituted for the redressal of the problems reported by the Students of the College with the following objectives:
  • Encouraging the Students to express their grievances / problems freely and frankly, without any fear of being victimized.
  • Suggestion / Complaint Box is installed in premises in which the Students, who want to remain anonymous, put in writing their grievances and their suggestions for improving the Academics / Administration in the College.

Rest assured that your complaint will be kept CONFIDENTIAL.

Useful Reading Materials:

  1. Public Notice- UGC (Grievance Redressal) Regulations 2018
  2. UGC Notification 2012


1 Dr. Prajakta Shailesh Baste Chairperson Of Committee Member
2 Prof. Purva Shah Faculty Member
3 Prof. Vinit Bobade Faculty Member
4 Adv.S.S. Khairnar Ombudsperson