Library infrastructure

Library is located on Ground floor with total carpet area of 217 Sq. with internal landscape area and 70 Nos of students seating capacity. It consists of a Counter space for librarian and assistant librarian, Book Stack area , Displays for journals and magazines , Newspaper Reading space , Separate computer system for searching the books with Photo Copying Facilities.

Collection in Library

Sr.No. Collection Details
A Library Software Autolib Library Management software
A Books
Number of Titles 6215
Number of Volume 8511
B) Reference Books 672
B) CDs 400+
B) Thesis 1000+
B) Magazines 15
C) National Journals 09
D) International Journals 10
National  Magazines 09
International Magazines 05
E) E-Resource
a)    E-Books 2634
b)    E-Magazines 120
a)    E-Journals(k-hub) 1181
a)    E-newsletter(k-hub) 01
c)    Conference Proceeding 51
d)    Informative Study Video 434
F) D-Space institutional repository  
a)      Settlement Tour Documentation.  
b)     Final  Year Thesis Documentation.  
c)      Research Paper.
d)      University Question Papers.  
e)     College News

Accession Register 2022-2023

Available E-Resource(Open Access)

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Library Rules

  • All the bonafide students of the college can use the library facility.
  • Possession of student library card with photo to avail the library facility, without photo on library card entry will be prohibitated.
  • If your Identity card /Library card is lost, inform immediately in library to avoid misuse.
  • Don’t ask for books on library card of other students; also don’t allow others to issue books on your library card.
  • A student is entitled to borrow only one book at a time & shall return the book within 15 days. If on the returning day it is holiday, return the book next working day.
  • A student who fails to return the book on the date fixed shall be liable to pay a fine of Rs.5/- per day.
  • Students should retain the borrowed/issued books in proper condition.
  • The college library reserves every authority to demand to return of books at any time from the students as and when needed.
  • Maintain silence in Library. Discussion/group discussion is not allowed in the library.
  • Books taken in reading room for reading purpose should not be taken outside for any reason.
  • Students are strictly prohibited from bringing bags and unwanted material in the library.
  • Students should not disturb the order of the books, periodicals & journals, thesis & reading materials arranged in the respective shelves.
  • Magazines/Journals, Thesis & reference books will not be issued.
  • Computers & internet facility in the E-library should be strictly used for academic purpose only.
  • In case book is damaged or lost by borrower he /she is liable to pay 1.5 times value or replace the same by new one.
  • Any student found violating the rules enforced relating to use of library facility will be prohibited to use library.
  • Students must behave politely with the librarian & other library staff members.
  • Students must return all the books & material borrowed from the college library and must clear of all dues if any, at the time of taking the T.C.