“Co-existence with Nature”

“Learning by doing”

Students at the threshold of design education consciously elect o discern between aesthetic and unsightly, often confusing design with decoration. Art is created to please, to extract emotions perhaps and to make a point. A luxury, a pursuit for creative minds,arresting and much more. Art is open to view points and therefore more democratic, such that it allows everyone an interpretation.

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works” – Steve Jobs, Good design is like a good proverb. It survives generations and is important because it is useful. No one praises proverbs for the reasons they are poetry. Poverbs are store houses of information and experience, whether they please or do not please, they rarely fail to be effective. So too of good design. Because its nature of being purposeful makes it immune to judgment.

There is no one approach in design problem Solving. Design Academicians do acknowledge that it’s the plurality of thought’s parameters that needs to be conformingly instigated in any Design educations. Design Expects call for design education that can foster a different thinking.