Student’s visit to south africa

09th July to 15thJuly 2016

With support of Indian Plumbing Association : Visit to Diepsloot, South Africa to Participate in the community plumbing challenge, organised by WASSUP & DCAN held in Diepsloot, South Africa from 9th -15th July 2016 under CPC 2016 Team India Program.

ANKUR 2016-2017

The fifth Ankur film festival for young film-makers was held in Nashik. More than 85 films from different parts of the country were screened which covered social issues like girls’ education, addiction, mental health, old age, and poverty. The film festival was inaugurated by noted filmmaker Kamal Swarup who showed his film ‘Tracing Phalke’ and also spoke about his ways of making films. The Ankur film festival brought the curtain down by showing Deepa Dhanraj’s film, ‘Kya Hua Is Shahar Ko?’ on the Hyderabad riots. There were two workshops on short films, one more workshop on scriptwriting and a discussion on single-screen theatres. The Short film workshop was facilitated by filmmaker Anil Zhankar from Pune who stressed on the importance of research and form, while Mitali Joshi who has scripted many TV shows and films spoke on the various aspects of scriptwriting. Students got an opportunity to participate in the workshop and gain insights from the experts.

Fundamentals of Design Gestalt Laws

06th Mar 2017 to 09th March 2017

Prof. Balram is an internationally reputed author with four decades of teaching experience. He has four patent to his credits. He had a top position at National Institute of Design (NID) including chairman, educator, Governor.The workshop intended to enable students to understand the principles and laws of human perception. Gestalt Principles describe how humans group similar elements, recognize patterns and simplify complex images when we perceive objects. Designers use the principles to organize content so it is aesthetically pleasing and easy to understand. “Gestalt” is German for “unified whole”. The first Gestalt Principles were devised in the 1920s by German psychologists Max Wertheimer, Kurt Koffka and Wolfgang Kohler—who aimed to understand how humans typically gain meaningful perceptions from the chaotic stimuli around them. They identified a set of laws which address the natural compulsion to find order in disorder. According to this, the mind “informs” what the eye sees by perceiving a series of individual elements as a whole.

Technical Communication Workshop

28th Jan 2017

A 2-day workshop was held for second and third-year students of architecture as a part of their syllabus. Intensive sessions of communication skills were conducted by eminent speaker Devdatta Gokhale, Director, Gokhale’s Advanced training institute (GATI), Jalgaon. Students enthusiastically participated in exercises and sessions for developing “Effective Communication and Presentation.”

Landscape in Inscapes Workshop

17th Jan 2017 to 19thJan 2017

Ar. Apeksha Kute, a renowned practising landscape architect partner at ORIGIN ARCHITECTS. in Nashik, conducted a workshop on Landscape in inscapes for Architecture and Design students from the third and fourth year. The Workshop aimed at giving exposure to the students towards future possibilities of the Inscape design- concerns, challenges and new possibilities. She explained the use of indoor landscaping elements such as plants, water bodies, hardscapes, softscapes, various landscaping materials etc. and their role in indoor microclimate. Her presentation revealed the use of all these elements in projects and detailing done with respect to their execution. Students designed indoor courts in residential, commercial institutional areas as a part of a workshop assignment. The design solutions were discussed in an interactive session where the students received valuable insights. The workshop generated interest within the students towards learning landscape design.

Toy Design Workshop

15th Jan 2017 to 17th Jan 2017

The workshop was conducted for the students of the second and third year of the product design stream to give them an exposure to the fundamental principles of physics and mechanics for better technical understanding. The methodology was by exploring the toys and how they work. This experiential workshop engaged students in the learning process and through their active participation, they were able to design toys using simple mechanisms. The intent was to generate curiosity amongst the students towards how things work and how as designers they can explore the technicality of the objects of everyday use. The playfulness of the toy and its engagement with the end-users – the children was also explored.

A joint workshop on “Exploring Patterns”

14th  Oct 2016 to 16thOct 2016

A joint workshop on “Exploring Patterns” was conducted for the students of 1st year Architecture under the subject of Basic Design. It was an extensive 3-day workshop. The joint Workshop was hosted in collaboration with Rachana Sansad Academy of Architecture, Mumbai. 40 students from AOA, Mumbai and 80 students from MVP College of Architecture, Nashik participated in the workshop. It was conducted under the guidance of Ar. Shripad Bhalerao, AOA, Mumbai, jointly with the First-year Design team of both the colleges. The workshop focused on understanding the significance of patterns and its application in design. The students of both the colleges worked in groups to develop various 2D patterns using the rules of geometry. These selected 2D patterns were then converted into life scale models using various materials. The focus of the workshop was to make students understand how simple 2D forms can be transformed into interesting 3D spaces.

Climatology Seminar by Prof. Kolhatkar

A two days workshop on ‘Climate Responsive Architecture’ was conducted in the institute by Sr. Prof. S.L. Kolhatkar from Bharati Vidyapeeth College of Architecture, Pune. The workshop was conducted for 3rd and 4th year B.Arch students under the curriculum Institute philosophy – ‘Co-existence with nature’. Prof. Kolhatkar explained in detail various scientific tools and techniques  such as sun dial, sunpath diagram, wind rose, psychometric chart, bio climatic chart etc. useful in assessing climatic parameters like sun, wind, radiation, humidity, sky condition etc. for a particular site.

Presentation by Ar. Scott Knox  On Temporary(modular) structure

Architect Scott Knox from United States of America took up a research activity for developing temporary structures for construction workers in India and for floating population during Sinhastha Kumbhamela, Nashik. His research was supported by M.V.P.S’s college of Architecture, Nashik. On 30th September he presented his work to Mrs. Shikha Shrivastev, project manager of TATA steel Trust. A step by step display of the work progress exposed the students to the methodological design process.

Visit to Orphanage for teaching Ganpati idol-making

On the occasion of Samaj day, around 25 to 30 students from B.Arch visited ‘Aharashram orphanage’ in Nashik. During the visit students interacted with the orphans of age group 5 to 12 years and taught them the skills of shadu clay Ganpati model making. The activity was conducted in coordination with the NGO named Shourya. The motive of the NGO is not to donate money to any orphanage, instead teach them skills to earn money. The philosophy of our institute being “Co-existence with nature”, students opted for shadu clay over plaster of paris. The intension was to bring out the creativity of those orphans through such an eco-friendly activity that will help them to utilize those skills for earning some money. The workshop was a great initiative by the institute towards social responsibility.