Godavari Riverfront Development Workshop 

Mr.Rajesh Pandit, Namami Goda  Nashik.

The Proposal was raised by Suyojit Developers to enhance and revive the edge of the river which can create opportunities for local citizens to have recreational areas. Purpose of involving students in the process of live site is to make them gain practical knowledge, to develop the understanding of dealing with miscellaneous difficulties which can arise during construction and how to incorporate 2d drawings physically on site.

Workshop on

Water supply and Drainage Layout

Ar. Rahul Londhe

27th Nov 2020

This workshop was arranged for second year students to introduce plumbing and drainage layouts. In stage 1,  Assignment was introduced. The students need to design the water supply and drainage layout for their own design project of the previous semester, which was a Residence with an Attached Office Project. In Stage 2 and 3 MEP Consultant, Ar. Rahul Londhe discussed Plumbing He presented his own project drawings to explain the layout. Topics discussed in the presentation were Individual toilet detailing, Site detailing and Campus drainage layout. After the presentation, students worked on the layouts. The layouts were then discussed in the session. Feedback was given and a number of revisions were done in the layout in consecutive discussions. After a number of revisions, students reached a technically right, workable, economical user convenient water supply and drainage layout.

Workshop on A journey of Landscape Practice – with Landscape Architects Architect Saumya Sampat

31stOct 2020

A guest lecture series was arranged as a part of the fourth year electives programme under advanced landscape electives. The intention of the series was to expose students to ‘Landscape architecture’ as a field of specialisation and practice and avenues available further. Architect Saumya Sampat explained his journey through various scales and complexities of projects he handled while interning under Master landscape architect Prof. Mohammed Shaheer and further ahead. He elaborated the patience and dedication required in the field. With diverse exposure from historic landscapes, parks and housing complexes, he associated with a Singapore based MNC – One Architecture to further explore landscape avenues with environmentally sensitive and multi crore projects in Kolkata. He emphasised on the need for further education after gaining relevant sufficient experience, as he pursued his masters in Sheffield University, UK and now works as a senior landscape architect with Andy Sturgeon Landscape and garden design, London, UK.

Workshop on HVAC system design & air distribution

Er. Sachin Save.

28th Oct 2020

A Workshop was organised by our college on HVAC system design & air distribution for third year students. The programme was started with the Guidance to students for workshop by Prof. Hemant Thakare. Er. Sachin Save sir started his lecture by explaining why architects should care about HVAC and what does HVAC engineers expect from architects.He explained the HVAC system selection criteria & system design criteria for a project and non –convential A.C. Certification bodies: IGBC, LEED, Griha, Credai & ICC & their work was explained.By giving the examples of projects, Save sir explained how to calculate heat load for an area and what the methods to calculate buildings heating are and cooling loads. Air distribution, types of ducting system, static pressure calculations, where to place A.H.U.? ducting layout, air distribution system components and how to calculate the size of duct was also explained by him. Students then calculated the heat load calculations of their own design and also found the solution of ducting layout of A.C. system.

Workshop on  From conception to Manifestation with Landscape Architects   Architect Shruti Humane 

24th Oct 2020

A guest lecture series was arranged as a part of fourth year electives programme under advanced landscape electives. The intention of the series was to expose student to ‘Landscape architecture’ as a field of specialization and practice. Architect Shurti Humane explained few of her landscape projects from conception to manifestation. She elaborated on the design process that responded to site context, climate. She explained how concepts needs to percolate to the last level of details from material selections, paving patterns and planting palette selection to compliment the concept. It was important to understand that the involvement of landscape architect is right from the first site visit in on architectural visualization of project.

Workshop on Air Conditioning Design for Architects
Er. B. Gautham Baliga

24th Oct 2020,3rd Dec2020,

As a curricular requirement under the subject ‘Building Services -III’ for third year B. Arch course, the workshop was organised in collaboration with ISHRAE Nashik chapter for participatory learning on air conditioning design from architectural point of view. On day one Mr. Baliga gave a detailed presentation covering heat load concept, cooling load estimation and duct sizing. Through his own project drawing demonstrations he elaborated on practical aspects of air conditioning layout design and architectural considerations for the same. Day two was an interactive session wherein representative works of students for cooling load estimation, duct sizing and layout design were keenly examined and discussed upon by Mr. Baliga. He solved students’ queries and gave valuable inputs to have more practical solutions and improvements in their works. Students actively participated in the discussions for better resolution of their layouts. Overall the session helped students to have understanding of basic concepts for the topic in a more practical way, thereby helping to bridge the gap between academics and industrial approach towards the topic.