NSS Residential Camp at Mungsare, Nashik.

27th Jan 2023

Our college organized NSS camp this year of 7 days that took place from 27th  January   to 2nd February 2022. This camp took place at village called Mungsare,Tal District Nashik. 25 students from our NSS team from all year had participated.

The camp commenced by arrival of various dignities of our MVP College Dr. Prajakta Baste, Principal of college of Architecture, Dr. D.V.Derla , Principal of college of Pharmacy, Nashik ; Shri L.F.Landge sir director MVP Samaj Nashik and many more reputed personalities. There was a colorful welcome following by lightning of lamps. It was followed by speeches of our dignities. There was a bouquet presentation to the invited guest and camp began. The day started from 5 o’clock in morning we were supposed to do exercise, run from Gram Panchayat to 5 to 6 km nearby Mungsare-Dari rd.

This has made our day starts with energy. Then prayer held on Zilla Parishad school Mungsare ground at 7 ‘o clock. Latter on we have a breakfast and then so from 8’o clock as per senior people of village were called and were asked to present the work to us. The work was distributed amongst boys and girls.


Visit and Donation of Groceries to Sahara care center for old age people

21st Jan 2023

During the visit, the students had a lively interaction with the senior citizens. The daily needed groceries were given in donation.

The students realized the need of giving care and attention to elders in order to make them feel validated in life. Giving them importance can be of therapeutic value to reduce their loneliness.

They realized the value to love their grandparents and to dedicate the time of their life to make the life of grandparents better.


Sapling Donation Drive by N.S.S.

02th Sept 2022 , Friday

The aim of this event was to donate the indiginious plants which have grown due to the dropped seeds in the college campus. By this activity the students learned how to take away the young saplings from the ground without damaging their roots and how to plant that in the bags. The saplings were donated to the “Wriksawalli ” sanstha  , which does the Plantation and conservation of indiginous  trees. Mr. Tushar Pingale, Mr. Manoj Sathe ,Mr. Ambarish More and Master Avadhoot More Were present for this event. They guided the students about the importance of indiginious trees and their importance in our biodiversity.