Visit to Udhaji Maratha Boarding for Stone Masonry.

06th June 2023.

  • As a part of syllabus, students learn about Stone as a building material, its properties, types and types of dressing of the stone.
  • The students visited Udhaji Maratha Boarding, a campus with structures built in stone masonry.
  • The students took a walk through the campus. Observed and discussed about the types of stone masonry. They took photographs and drew sketches of the wall elevations.
  • The students and faculties discussed about the stone dressing patterns, steps involved in stone masonry and types of pointing.
  • The students documented the data in sketches and notes format in journal.


A report on –“BUILDING ACOUSTICS” Site Visit

10th May 2023.

A group of 70 Students & 4 Faculty members of 3rd Yr. BArch
course visited the following facilities at YCMOU Nasik
campus –
1. Audio Video Department
2. Yash-In Auditorium
3. Library and Resource Center
4. Exhibition Building
Through this Site-Visit experience and on-field Guest
Lectures, students gained a higher understanding &
technical knowledge about various issues related to
Acoustical Design and probable solutions for the same.

A report on Visit to City Centre Mall for Fire Fighting Services

26th April 2023

As a part of the Building Services syllabus of Third year Architecture, students are expected to experience, blearn, analyze and obtain knowledge for fire safety measures through site visit. Students were introduced to the Fire Fighting system – Active and passive criteria as norms, recommendations, components, and
specifications of construction and materials used for the fire-fighting system in a building. The assignment focused upon practical learning of Fire safety measures through a Site visit. Hence, students were divided into groups for a site visit to identify the Active and Passive fire protection measures incorporated in it. Students were supposed to draw theschematic layout including plans, sections and details of a building and mark the same on it. Also, the tagged photographs show detailed information about it.

Mapping Biodiversity

21st April 2023

Students were taken to Krishi Nagar jogging track for visit.The students mapped the biodiversity of the jogging track using the quadrant mapping technique. Random quadrant sampling was done and the observations were recorded and noted. The plants and other organisms that they could observe in the 1m x 1m quadrant were noted and similarly the canopy layer above and the type of tree and bird species were also recorded.


27th March 2023

The students of 3rd year B .Arch from MVP Samaj’s College of Architecture Nashik visited Kimaya Steel Industry as a part of their site study for BCM 6. The students were shown the assembly of steel sections and the various manufacturing processes involved. The site visit was a great combination of experiential learning combined with participatory learning.

Redesign the Anjaneri temple complex

11th Feb 2023

Part 1 : Site Visit

Students were taken for a visit to the Anjaneri temple ruins.

The students documented the temple complex with photographs and noted the key features of the complex.

An expert from ASI was present on site with the students to give detailed information about the site its history and the ongoing restoration work

Part 2: Design

The students had to redesign the sabhamandap and the entry on the temple.

The students had the liberty to choose the approach for designing, i.e. if they want their design to stand out or merge with the context.

Wild ideas and suggestions were welcomed.


07th Feb 2023

The students of 4th year B .Arch from MVP Samaj’s College of Architecture Nashik visited Jio Convention Centre to study planning, architectural Character and Interiors along with Building services as a part of their academic curriculum. They were able to study site circulation, parking, “ like drainage, grey water recycling, fire systems, distribution of built and unbuilt spaces in the complex.
The case study was a great combination of experiential learning combined with participatory learning

A report on Fencing and gates Site Visit

30th Jan 2023

Fencing using different materials like steel, barbed wire, chain-link, weld-mesh and other available materials in market. construction details of fencing and suitable gate with due consideration to design parameters. site visit was planned at Udhaji Maratha Boarding Campus. Visit was guided by 3yr. building construction faculty.

A report on Visit to City Centre Mall for Air Conditioning Services

04th Oct  2022

As a part of the Building Services syllabus of Third year Architecture, Third year B. Arch students went to visit City Centre Mall in Nashik to observe and understand various Air conditioning components os o port of subject Building Services. The maintenance person explained to students regarding working of a chilled water plant and related information such as capacity, output, efficiency etc. Students also observed the air distribution system along with the components like
ducts, insulation, grills, diffusers etc. Space requirements for related services like plant room, Air handling unit, cooling tower etc. was also understood.

A Report on Factory Visit to Knowledge Centre, Supreme Industries, Gadegaon, Jalgaon.

01st Oct  2022

In the BS I, the students learn about water supply at city level, at Premise level and various plumbing materials. To gain thorough knowledge about plumbing materials, apart from visits at local level material suppliers, Faculty arranged a factory visit to the knowledge center, Supreme Industries, Jalgaon. The Knowledge Centre developed by Supreme Industries Gadegaon, Jalgaon has a display of various plumbing materials and accessories. Er. Nandkishor Patil and Er.Mayur Jagtap From Supreme Industries conducted 3(three) sessions for the students. Session 1: An AV presentation was given, about various products manufactured by the Supreme Industries.  Session 2: Students took a round of the actual display of various plumbing and drainage products. They were given all the technical information about the plumbing products.Session 3: A hands on workshop was conducted, in which students were shown various pipe joinery details. Based on the visit, students prepared a factory visit report.

 Guest Lecture and field-visit – “MTDC Boat Club, Nasik”  

04th August 2022

Fourth year students were taken for field visit to MTDC Boat Club, Nashik under the subject Elective-III – Architecture using Steel. Ar. Rohan Deore conducted a lecture and interacted with the students on the topic on site. Students got to know about many important things such as how to design while using Steel as a major visual Element, how to detail out Steel junctions / joinery from aesthetics point of view, AEES (Architectural Exposed Structural Steel), real-time on-site challenges to be faced by the steel construction & execution team and  post occupancy maintenance issues in case of AEES.



09th August 2022

Third Year B.Arch. students were taken to Yoga Vidyadham, E&G Resort and Ridge Valley near Trimbakeshwar, Nashik as a part of their Design-4 and Landscape curriculum. The major design problem for A.Y. 2022-23 Semester 1 is of a Wellness Center specifically planned on a contour site. In order to understand the functioning of the various activities at a wellness center, the visit to Yoga Vidyadham was conducted. A guided tour of the entire campus was organized by the management of Yoga Vidya Dham. Post this visit, the students were then taken to E&G Resort and Ridge Valley for them to certainly understand the design strategies adopted to plan on a contour site. These site visits were a collaborative effort by the Design-4 and the Landscape team.


Visit to mass housing project of Parksyde Homes, Adgaon Naka, Nashik

02nd Aug 2022

In the seventh semester of fourth year B. Arch student designed a mass housing project as a part of Architectural design- VI course. In this to acquire knowledge about mass housing students along with fourth Year Design faculty went to parksyde homes as a part of live case study. Objective of this case study was to gain knowledge about the scale of project, built –unbuilt spaces, units and service core design, parking –vehicular network, structural system, amenities related with mass housing project. In this Technical person from the developer had explained major components of the design project to the students including material specifications, services and economic aspects of the project. 

Measurement drawing of load bearing structure of Mr. Rathi Bunglow, Nashik 

30th July 2022

In the working drawing –I course, Third year B.Arch- div A students and Prof. Abhishek Nasikakar & Prof. Sharmishtha Surajiwale  went to Mr.Rathi bunglow near Ashok stambh, Gole colony to do on site measurement drawing of a load bearing structure. The main objective of this innovative teaching pedagogy is to imbibe the practical and graphical knowledge about load bearing structure to students. In this they studied structural and non-structural components, stone masonry, timber floor, timber roof, timber staircase and architectural details by practicing institute philosophy “learning by doing”.    

Visit to Veer Savarkar Wada, Bhagur, Nashik

27th July 2022

A visit to Veer Savarkar Wada, Bhagur, Nashik was conducted for students of T. Y. B.Arch.  The Wada has historical significance as it is the birthplace of freedom fighter Veer Savarkar. The Wada is restored, maintained and managed by the Archeological Department- Government of Maharashtra. The visit was planned under the subject Working Drawing II. The aim of the visit was for students to understand and study load bearing structures. The materials, details and construction technology used for construction of load bearing structure was seen and explained to the students on site. The students did a measured drawing of the structure and also did a thorough photographic documentation of the same. A group of 43 students with prof. Vijay Pawar, Prof. Ashish Khemnar and Prof. Ankita Nikam visited the place.