ANKUR 2019-20

The 8th edition of the ‘Ankur’ film festival was conducted in December. By the growing response of young film-makers who submit their films, Ankur has become an important cultural event in Nashik. The festival was inaugurated by Svati Chakravarty Bhatkal with the screening of her documentary Rubaru Roshni. The central content of the documentary was to change the perspective by strongly portraying the emotions of grief, violence, love and forgiveness. Another highlight was the screening of Ek MR ki Maut by Dr.Arun Gadre which highlighted the corrupt and unregulated private health care of our country. It also showcased the mafia of the pharmaceutical industry. The closing ceremony was a screening of the film Coral women by Priya Thuvassery which is documentation of Uma Mani who learned to dive at 49 to understand the coral reefs and then use her knowledge to raise awareness regarding the natural ecosystems. This gave an opportunity to the students to interact with the filmmakers to understand the social realities and the environmental challenges we are currently facing.

GIS Workshop

30th Dec 2019 – 01th Jan 2020

The intention of the elective is to make students learn fundamental concepts that underlie the use of a GIS. Architect Jyoti Jain taught the basics of GIS, its application in the field. Students got the know-how of GIS and its application in architecture and urban design. They worked on the software for hands on experience of applying GIS for an urban issue identified in the city and develop a GIS methodology to generate and analyse data. There were 2 individual assignments and 2 group assignments along with 1 a certificate base online assignment of completion of an online course on GIS applications. These were discussed during the workshop and final submissions were prepared. Varied GIS methodology was discussed in detail for a particular application and its parallels were studied from research papers and smart city projects.

Traffic Survey – Research and Development Workshop

09th Dec 2019 – 04th Jan 2020

Hon. Commissioner of police Mr. Vishwas Nangare- Patil approached our institute to work with them to solve the traffic problems at various junctions in Nashik. The project was taken under two subjects namely research in architecture and Urban studies with fourth-year architecture students. Students were distributed in groups to cover approximately 82 junctions across the city. They did an extensive survey of all selected locations to identify issues. This was done methodically in the survey templates provided to them. All the data collected was processed in the studios to analyse and arrive at solutions to improve the conditions locally. The presentation of this was given to Hon. Commissioner of police and was taken ahead immediately for implementation. Students monitored the solutions on-site suggested by them during re-survey for any improvements. All the process was accompanied by representatives of traffic police. Thoughtful scientific and well-researched solutions to solve traffic problems were well-appreciated traffic police and were improvised with inputs from them for their practicalities.

Systems Design Workshop

27th Dec to 30th Dec 2019

Prof. Dinesh korjan from NID Ahemedabad conducted a Five-day workshop to help the students to understand the terminologies, multiple stakeholders and layering of the systems to orient themselves towards how to identify, map, connect, build, recognise gaps, opportunities within a complex system. Starting with gathering data, information and analysing the requirements and continuing through system architecture to solution generation, evaluation and selection. The students were divided into groups and introduced to a generic model of systems design. The systems approach to designing a component within the system using a simple but extremely powerful toolset to enhance the performance of the stakeholders.

HVAC system design & air distribution

25th Sep , 29th Sep 2019       

A Workshop was organised by our college on HVAC system design & air distribution for third year students. The programme was started with the Guidance to students for workshop by Prof. Hemant Thakare, Er. Sachin Save sir started his lecture by explaining why Architects should care about HVAC and what HVAC engineers expect from architects. He explained the HVAC system selection criteria & system design criteria for a project and non –convential A.C.Certification bodies: IGBC, LEED, Griha, Credai & ICC & their work was explained. By giving the examples of projects, Save sir explained how to calculate heat load for an area and what the methods to calculate buildings heating are and cooling loads. Air distribution, types of ducting system, static pressure calculations, where to place A.H.U. The ducting layout, air distribution system components and how to calculate the size of the duct was also explained by him. Students then calculated the heat load calculations of their own design and also found the solution of ducting layout of A.C. system.

Workshop on Air Conditioning Design


04th Sep 2019, 11th Sep 2019, 18th Sep 19

Considering the technical depth of the air-conditioning system design and recent advancements and the gap between theory and practice of AC design, we in collaboration with ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers), Nashik Chapter had organized a workshop for the students.  The expert sessions were conducted by Er. S. M. Didmishe Nashik. It helped to bridge the gap between academics and industrial approach towards the topic. The knowledge imparted equipped the students to implement of ECBC (Energy conservation building codes) 2017 in the state of Maharashtra on the background of global warming. Students also got a chance to interact with various resource persons from ISHRAE.  It was established in 1981 aims at awareness and technical education in the science of HVAC through lectures, presentations, workshops, product presentations, publications and expositions. It consists of over 12000 HVAC & R industry members and over 75000 student members, 41 chapters spread in various cities all over the country.


Tensile Workshop

09th Aug 2019 and 16th Aug  2019

The tensile workshop was integrated in the second year architectural design studio by architect Prashant Gatkal, an expert in execution and design of tensile structures.  For the design project, students were expected to apply the knowledge and material explored in the tensile workshop. On Day 1, Gatkal sir introduced the concept tensile structural systems through simple experiments involving students. Students were asked to bring a few basic materials like tensile cloth, pins, baseboard to do experiments after the introductory session by Gatkal sir. A lot for exploratory models were developed by students which continued as homework and students came up with innovative options for tensile structure on Day 2. Gatkal sir reviewed the models and gave them insights to proceed further and integrate their concept in architectural design. The same was continued by second-year design faculty team over 8-week long studio to design a highway food plaza with a tensile roofing system.

Dissertation Writing Workshop

4th to 6th March 2019

The three-day workshop was planned and conducted under the guidance of Dr.Mohini Bellure to help the students understand the importance and its relevance in the professional life of writing a dissertation. The students were explained the definition and the terminologies which are important part of report writing. The interactive participatory methodology of the workshop helped students to understand how to select a topic, build a hypothesis and write the synopsis. The importance and categorisation of secondary and primary data, extraction of data and giving credits to the data creator. The method to give specifics to the visuals. The chronology and the systematic way of organising information to compile the report as the end document.