Workshop on  ‘Infrastructure availability in Urban-Rural Fringe Areas of Nashik’

Mr. Avinash Patil

23rd Dec 2018

Based on the workshop conducted by Mr. AvinashPatil, a Field Survey was planned to study the existing infrastructure in the 3 villages from the Rural-Urban Fringe areas of Nashik; for Urban Development Dept. Govt. of Maharashtra.Before going to actual sites, students prepared an extensive Questionnaire for the same. Infrastructure such as road connectivity, water supply, waste disposal system, primary health center, electricity supply, etc. are to be surveyed. 50 sample cases are interviewed. The analysis was done w.r.t. individual village, data matrix is generated using the findings from the Questionnaires and facts were presented through bar graphs & pie charts.

ANKUR 2018-19

20th Dec to 23rd Dec 2018

The 7th edition of the ‘Ankur’ film festival was conducted in December. By the growing response of young film-makers who submit their films, Ankur has become an important cultural event in Nashik. This year, in collaboration with the Films Division, to organize the festival. More than 75 documentaries and short films were screened in the four- day festival. Anjali Montiero and Jaysankar from TISS, Mumbai opened the festival with their film ‘A Delicate View’, which was followed by a discussion with the participants. The guest of honour for the closing of the festival was the well-known film-maker from Ranchi, Megnath who also screened a few of his films on development related issues. A very engaging conversation ensued after the films screening on environment, development and the rights of the tribals. Three workshops and one-panel discussion. The first one was on ‘Fake News’ by Faiz Ullah, a faculty member of TISS, Mumbai. The other two workshops were on ‘film direction’ by noted film director, Kamal Swaroop, and one on ‘film editing’ by Prashant Naik who teaches at the Whistling Wood Film School in Mumbai. This gave an opportunity to the students to interact with the filmmakers and participate in the workshops to understand the media impact.

Visual Communication Workshop

13th, 14th & 15th March 2019

Packaging design is a course in third-year product design in which the students are taught about the process of packaging design. This course includes students exploring, experimenting and designing packaging for a product. The Visual Communication workshop mainly focused on the label designing of the package. In the three-day workshop students designed the packaging and after several experiments finally designed the label aesthetics of the package they had made. Mrs. Triveni Pawar is an expert in the visual communication field, she enlightened the students about various detail considerations in designing a label for a package. A completely new field was explored and enjoyed by the product design students.

UI/UX Workshop

11th to 13th Jan 2019

Under the course electives, a workshop on app design was conducted for the third year Product design and Furniture design students. The course enables the students to explore other domains in the field beyond product design. The three day workshop was led by Mr. Anant Tamabde, he made the students familiar and opened them to the field of UI/UX (user interface/ user experience) and how it is practised in the professional industry. The workshop started with a brief introduction about the field and digital user experience followed by a presentation by Mr. Anant Tambade’s work and experience in it and ended on a note where students were able to design apps of their own interests.

Documentation of Devlali Railway Station

09th Jan 2019

Devlali railway station is a railway station serving Devlali town, near Nashik in Maharashtra State of India. The structure is in colonial style constructed using wood and stone in1919. The structure is appreciated for its remarkable architectural features of colonial style in Maharashtra. Western Railways division is aiming to rejuvenate the place before it completes its 100 years of existence. The work has been undertaken by Ar. Shital Sonawane and her firm. In collaboration with the firm, second-year architecture students undertook documentation work of Devalali Railway Station under the subject of History of Architecture. Students did measurements and photographic documentation of various areas like offices, storerooms, waiting platforms and later on prepared measured drawings of the same. The work will be helpful for the firm for preparing a report acting as a precursor to intended rejuvenation work.

Certificate course – Parametric Explorations with bamboo

26thDec 2018 – 29th Dec 2018

The bamboo workshop was conducted in a consolidated manner for consecutive 4 days. The workshop kick-started with a presentation by Architect Akshay Jadhav, our alumni and his team showing various types of bamboos, the treatment given to them to increase their life and various projects carried out by them. This gave the students a glimpse of the various possibilities and potential of Bamboo as a modern material. During the first two days, they designed a parametric façade for the college building along with a hyperbolic pavilion. The façade reflected modern architectural innovation possible with Bamboo which is generally looked upon as a vernacular material. The parametric façade consisted of 36 modules made from bamboo frames. The frames were joined together by strips of sliced bamboo of various lengths that gave it a dynamic and parametric form.

Certificate course – Bamboo, Geodesic Dome

26thDec 2018 – 29th Dec 2018

The bamboo workshop was conducted in a consolidated manner for consecutive 4 days. The workshop began with Ar. Jayesh Apate, our alumni imparting basic knowledge about the properties and potential of the material. During two days students were also trained to treat bamboo for construction purpose and utilise the same for different joineries. The outcome of the workshop was a Geodesic Dome. The modules required for the dome were to be made using bamboo sections joined by steel plates. The various tasks of cutting the bamboo to appropriate lengths with precision, cutting steel plates, drilling holes in the plates and nut bolting them together were allocated to different groups of students. Finally, after the preparation was done, the assembly of the geodesic dome was completed. The process of  part to whole was valuable learning for the students emphasising minimum environmental impact.

Masks a Cultural Expression Integrated workshop for the subject of Humanities and Workshop

19th Nov 2018

For centuries various cultures all over the world have used masks as a way to express individual and group identity. In some cultures, masks are an important part of spiritual rituals. In other cultures, they are a part of national traditions such as celebrations of war or independence. Masks play role in life-cycle events such as weddings and funerals. Thus with a thought that culture can be understood by analysing the masks used by its people, a one day workshop was conducted for first-year B.Arch students under the subject Humanities. Students were introduced to different cultures worldwide through a lecture and presentation by Dr. Prajakta Baste. They were then given pictures of different masks representing different cultures such as Egyptian, African, Chinese, Japanese etc. They traced the pictures on Armstrong ceiling tile, cut the profile and shaped the features of masks, colour schemes according to the actual masks.

Workshop on Indian Dance and Dance Forms

14th Nov 2018

Ms. Bakshi introduced students with different Indian dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Kathak etc. and variation of costumes, expressions etc. for these dance forms through photographic presentation and demonstrations. She explained the simplicity of Kathak dance form and principles of balance, symmetry etc. in kathak through performing various dance postures. Ms. Bakshi also elaborated on different “mudras” and expressions in kathak. In the later session selected pictures of various dance forms and dance poses were given to the students wherein they identified and sketched the geometrical form involved in the composition, analyzed the dance figure and form in terms of stability, repetition, balance, flow, line of gravity, Centre of mass etc.

Lecture and workshop on theatre and drama by Mr. Anshu Singh

14thNov 2018

With an objective to introduce Indian Art Forms to the students of First-year Architecture under the subject Humanities, a guest lecture by Mr. Anshu Singh was organized. Mr. Anshu Singh is a drama and theatre artist. He talked about the history of theatres right from Rome, Greece etc. around the globe and also in India. With the demonstration of a few small drama performances, Mr. Singh explained the beauty of drama as one of the celebrated traditional Indian Art Form. He made students to actively participate in some performance activities that revealed them, how one can completely get involved and experience the character while performing a theatre act.

Socio Economic Study of garland makers and Garland Making workshop

3rd Oct 2018 – 10th Oct 2018

A workshop was conducted for first-year architecture students under the subject of Humanities. The objective was to develop the ability to observe and understand the socio-economic activity of the likely users of the flower market of Nashik and to understand the significance of socio-economic and cultural background of human interaction and development of that space. The process involved site visit involving observation, sketching, photography and recording interviews in the flower market. The lecture was conducted by Dr. Prajakta Baste on Socio-economic development of the specific activity of the flower market. The hands-on workshop was conducted by Mr. Sonawane. Wherein he demonstrated various techniques and compositions in making garlands from different flowers. One of the takeaways from the whole activity was to have experiential learning about the garland making activity with respect to the anthropometric and spatial requirements that was utilized through integration with Design to achieve a design solution for a structure for Garland Maker.

Theatre Light Design Workshop

29th– 30th Sept 2018

The introduction to the theatre lights by Mr. Balkrushna Tidke was given to the set design students for the practical understanding of theatre lights design. It was two days’ workshop where on Day 1 Live Theatre Experience was given to students by performing 2 theatre productions. These were ‘Tiricch’ performed by actor Anshu Singh, and Vhay mi Savitribai’ performed by actress Damini Jadhav. On Day 2 the Set design students implemented the learnings from live of performances and enacted scenes designed and given by Balkrushna Tidke Sir. From installing all the lights and dismantling them, this workshop gave clarity and better understanding through the experience and practical knowledge of the subject.

Setting up of Anthropometry Models

11th Sep 2018, 14th Sep 2018, 18th Sep  2018

The objective of the exercise was to make the First-year architecture students aware of human dimensions and its relation to various functions along with the standard proportion systems. In the first part of this exercise, students were made to measure their friends for human dimensions of specific given postures. This enabled them to arrive at the highest, lowest, and mean value of the taken measurements for all the postures. Students prepared A2 size folio for the anthropometry data of residential spaces like the living room, kitchen, bedroom and toilets. For the second part, a hands-on activity involving life-size models was conducted for a better understanding of commercial spaces like Restaurant, bar and Bank. Students worked on predesigned function of the said space, to create a mock Restaurant and Bank. Using the anthropometric data, they prepared models with materials like MDF, plywood and hardware. Students were divided into groups and given different tasks of line out of installation, Furniture making, Human postural models sketching and profile cutting, installing the models etc. The activity was guided by design and workshop faculties.