ANKUR 2017-18

The 6th Ankur film festival was special with the presence of the renowned filmmaker and Padmashree Shree Girish Kasarvalli, Umesh Kulkarni and Farida Pacha, screening more than 100 films,3 Masterclasses,2 events and most included some award-winning documentaries from Film division. The master class on Film appreciation by Prof.Hrishikesh Ingle, Film scholar from Hyderabad  University and another one on Film making using available resources by Prof.Faiz Ullah from TISS,Mumbai. Mr. Lutz Konermann, the cameraman for the film My name is Salt also conducted a hands-on workshop with the participants. These masterclasses benefitted the students in expanding their knowledge and awareness about the process of reading and appreciating a film and its making.

Packaging Design Workshop

12th Feb to 19th feb 2018

The eight-day workshop on Packaging design was conducted by architect Snehal Joshi and architect Rishikesh Khedkar for students of third-year product design B.Des under the subject curriculum Product packaging design. The workshop began with an introduction about basic elements and principles of packaging design along with a warm-up exercise. Then the students were working in a group on given domains of packaging design. The emphasis was to understand the essentials of packaging design, considering the functional aspect of package design related to its structure, form, strength, material, safety, transportation, usage and environmental concerns. Students were given pre-defined problems and were expected to come up with original ideas which were translated into three-dimensional prototypes to match the industry-standard packaging.

Systems Design Workshop

29th Jan to 2nd Feb 2018

A Five-day workshop on system design helped the students to understand the terminologies, multiple stakeholders and layering of the systems to orient themselves towards how to identify, map, connect, build, recognise gaps, opportunities within a complex system. Starting with gathering data, information and analysing the requirements and continuing through system architecture to solution generation, evaluation and selection. The students were divided into groups and introduced to a generic model of systems design. The systems approach to designing a component within the system using a simple but extremely powerful toolset to enhance the performance of the stakeholders.

Bamboo workshop

23rd & 24th Jan 2018

Bamboo workshop under Electives subject was conducted for the students of third-year Product design, B.Des under the expert guidance of Craftsman Subhas Bhai and team. Subhas bhai gave the students hands-on experience of working with bamboo. The workshop began with imparting basic knowledge about the properties and potential of the material. During two days students were also trained to treat bamboo for construction purpose and utilise the same for different joineries. The outcome of the workshop was a Different range of products and furniture. The various tasks of cutting the bamboo to appropriate lengths with precision, drilling holes, use of nodes, making of pegs and using them for joints and nut bolting them together was all done by every student for their individual product. Even second-year furniture design students were part of this workshop to get hands-on material exposure.

Screen installations for Arts, Crafts and Architecture

26 Dec 2017 – 28 Dec 2017

As a part of Design studio, first-year B.Arch students explored the symbiotic relationship between different arts, crafts and architecture by creating live size installations in the form of screens in the college campus. The activity aimed at comprehending the symbiotic relationship between creativity, arts, crafts, environment, human special experience, structure with design. Students first did background study of the given art and craft forms viz. cane craft, warli painting, Kuchipudi dance, pottery, bandhani work etc. in groups and then physically erected live sized screens to have an expression of the particular art form in the given space by understanding special quality. The materials explored included bamboo, ropes, paper, paper dishes, used CD S, corrugated sheets, metal wires, clay products etc. The activity was carried out by the students with great enthusiasm and was guided by the first-year Design faculties to encourage teamwork, analytical skills, confidence building etc. within the first-year students.

Sustainable Design Workshop by GRIHA

07 Sep  2017 – 08 Sep 2017

On day one, brief presentations were delivered to the students to understand the concept of green buildings, their criteria and compliance measures under different variants as prescribed by GRIHA. The variants included sustainable site management, water efficiency, sustainable materials use, energy efficiency, renewable energy use etc. On the second day, interactive sessions on human comfort and daylighting in buildings were organized wherein exercises were conducted on methods of calculating daylighting in buildings and generating shading device design options by the students for different façade orientations.  The workshop culminated in working on green building measures for the given architectural project and detailed discussions on the same.  Thus, the workshop was a step forward for the students to understand the practical applications of green building concepts in architectural design.

Orientation Towards Design

3rd July 2017 & 4th July 2017

MVPS College of Architecture,Nashik had organized two days Orientation workshop for First-year B.Des students guided by Prof. Nishant Sharma from IDC IIT Powai, Mumbai.On 1st day students were divided into different groups and they were asked to work on 3 different materials i.e Clay, POP (Plaster of Paris)& Wood, which ranged from soft, hard and hardest. The objective of this exercise was, the student should play with materials to have hands-on experience of creating their expressions. The expressions were diverse, unique & a celebration of the thought process of young entrants into the world of design. On 2nd day an outdoor activity was conducted titled ‘Body Storming’, in which the class was divided into two groups and each group was given a different task. The objective of this exercise was students should keep trying from failures, until they are at their wits end, from which a small seed of imagination may grow into a big tree of exploration. Students learn essence of team spirit, the joy of sharing, the built of strong leader & of course learning.

‘Streets for People’ workshop by ITDP

28th June 2017

The workshop on streets for people was conducted by ‘Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), India’ for fourth year B. Arch students. It is a step towards the betterment of Indian Urban streets by designing them to encourage non-motorized and public transport by meticulously analyzing the patterns of street usage by people in response to factors like availability of footpaths, shading on streets, lighting provisions, vehicle speed, amenities, safety, user-friendliness and many more. Students surveyed the identified main streets within the Nashik city and mapped the observations. After analyzing the same, street design proposals were generated under five parameters of walkability, parking, footpaths, crowd streets mapping and building use. ITDP being an advisory body for the local authorities, the proposals thus generated are aimed to be presented to the Municipal Corporation, Nashik in the form of street design guidelines for further development and execution. The work was also exhibited at various locations for the public by Lokmat Nashik First.