Onsite Workshop for Setting Out and Centerline Plan

12th March 2022

A visit to the construction site in Karmaveer Dulaji Sitaram Patil Agriculture College, Nashik campus was conducted for students of T. Y. B.Arch. The site was visited to practically demonstrate and understand setting out and centerline drawings of RCC structure. The visit was planned under the subject Working Drawing II. The aim of the visit was for students to understand and study correlation between drawings and on site working. The practical difficulties encountered during construction were also discussed and explained to the students on site. The students themselves  marked centerlines for columns on site. A group of 62 students with Prof. Vijay Pawar, Prof. Ashish Khemnar, Prof. Abhishek Nasikakar, Prof. Sharmishtha Surajiwale and Prof. Ankita Nikam accompanied the students for the visit.


HVAC System Design and Air Distribution

25th September 2021 to 29th September 2021

Er. Sachin Save, Technical Director at Ventus Air Conditioning Pvt. Ltd. conducted a workshop for  3rd year students. Mr. Save gave a detailed presentation on ‘ HVAC Systems and Architectural Design’. He also explained in detail the concept and method of load estimation for the air conditioning system, air distribution and ducting design. Mr. Save demonstrated the cases on air distribution and ducting design from his practice. Students work based on their individual system design problems based on the sessions  were discussed in detail with valuable inputs from the expert.