Settlement Tour to Naggar, Himachal Pradesh

23rd May 2022, Tuesday  to 31st May 2022, Tuesday

Around 54 students from first year documented a settlement from Rumsu village in Naggar district, Manali, Himachal Pradesh. Rumsu, a small hamlet in the Himalayas is well known for its indigenous ‘Kathkuni’ Architecture. The pattern of settlement is mostly driven by terrain, and the form of structure by local materials, stone and wood. Climate responsiveness and sustainability are the two main characteristics of Kathkunis in this region.  The hamlet is characterized by its identity, shared history and spaces with a strong belief that architecture must be understood as an embodiment of human beliefs. Students prepared measured drawings of identified residences, temples, streets and analyzed the same under various parameters such as morphology, built-unbuilt spaces, architectural character, activity mapping, culture, materials and technology etc. Students also got an opportunity to visit the studio of local architect, Ar. Rahul Bhushan who gave valuable insights on sustainable aspects of local architecture in Himachal Pradesh.