Settlement Study Tour to Mokhamal, Gujarat

07th June 2023 to 10th June 2023

The first-year B.Arch settlement tour to Mokhamal, Gujrat offered an exciting opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the rich vernacular architecture and local culture of the region. This 4- day tour is designed to provide students with hands- on experience and a deeper understanding of architectural principles through student involvement. One of the highlights of this tour is the opportunity for students to engage in measured drawing and sketching exercises. By observing and documenting the unique architectural features of Mokhamal, students develop their skills in accurately capturing details and proportions. This practical exercise not only enhances their technical abilities but also encourages them to appreciate the intricacies of vernacular architecture.Additionally, this tour allows students to interact with local communities and gain insights into their way of life. Through visits to traditional houses, markets, and cultural sites, students witness firsthand how architecture is deeply intertwined with local customs and traditions.

Settlement Study Tour to Janori, Nashik

25th March 2023, 26th March 2023

This year, the second-year architecture settlement study tour was taken to Janori, Nashik. The students documented the settlement of JAnori, by understanding the local construction techniques and materials.Students were divided into groups and were asked to measure the houses and streets. The main market square, ghats and grop of temples along the river were alsos documented using plane table survey method and theodolite learnt in SSL. Students got to learn about the socio –economic and cultural life of the village and its reflection in the overall architectural planning along with the impact of local climatic conditions.Locally available stone and raw wooden logs, timber construction largely govern architecture of the region. The old structures dominated the architecture of the village. Richly ornate timber work could be found in few of the houses. Typical ‘ khanache ghar’with timber construction techniques were documented holistically. Students were able to interact with  the locals, understand their routine, the overall lifestyle and their needs. Students were fortunate to document few of the old structures which stood the testimony of time.

Visit to Pandavleni for the study of Buddhist Architecture

01st March 2023.

As a part of the syllabus for History of Architecture of First year, students are expected to experience, learn and obtain knowledge of History of Architecture through a site visit. Students were introduced to Buddhist cave architecture with an expert talk by Mr. Prashant Patil. He focused upon the history of the caves, the then ruling dynasty, the style of building construction and techniques, iconography, building material and its overall significance. Students were able to see and experience the cave architecture. Also, the tagged photographs show detailed information about it.

Heritage Walk In Mumbai on 22nd Jan 2023

22nd Jan 2023

The students of the 2nd year B Arch and 3rd Year were taken for a Heritage walk to Mumbai. The students learnt about the colonial past of India through a walk through the by lanes of Fort Precinct. History was brought alive as they could see the buildings and hear about its magnificent past. Khakhi tours had arranged for Volunteers who were architects, they explained the history of the place with illustrations. The walk was a great combination of experiential learning combined with participatory learning.