First Year B.Arch Settlement Tour to Jabalpur

2nd Feb 2020 to 10th Feb 2020

The first-year village settlement tour was planned to village Indrana near Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh. It was scheduled from 2nd Feb. 20 to 10th Feb.20. It also includes the study tour of some historical important places like Khajuraho,   Orchha, Jhansi, etc.This tour was done to study and analysis of rural settlement and architecture with respect to lifestyle, climate, and social structure. It also aimed to understand the role of social-cultural and geographical factors in the shaping of rural settlements and architecture

Second Year B.Arch Settlement Tour to Pochampally

25th Nov 2019 to 1st Dec 2019

This year, the second year architecture settlement study tour was taken to Pochampally weaver’s town in Telangana. The students documented the settlement of Pochampally, understanding the local construction techniques and materials. The architectural planning evolved from culture and occupational needs responded to hot and dry climatic conditions was crucial to understand. The students measured important weaver’s houses and clusters along with public spaces like streets, chowks. Locally available stone and raw wooden logs largely govern architecture of the region. The weaving looms form integral part of the weaver’s house which function as artisanal workshops also. The famous handloom fabric of Pochampally has a lot of demand. The owners have set up small scale handloom factories within the town, which suits weaver’s families for flexible working hours. Most of the owners have set up their own outlets on the main street. This benefits both owners and weavers; however, the part commercialisation has lost the character and charm of the town.Students also visited few contemporary structures like mahaprasthanam crematorium, few schools designed by award winning architects and qutubshahi heritage complex.

Second Year B.Arch Settlement Tour tO Hiwale,HARSOOL

25th Nov 2019 to 27th Nov 2019

This year, the second year architecture students were taken to Hiwale village, Harsool for settlement study. The village is adopted by a Local NGO GIVE WELFARE ORGANISATION –(Get involved in village empowerment) headed by Mr. Ramesh  Iyer.  The students documented the village – houses, streets and other relevant information about climate, culture etc. The students were asked to design a primary school for village kids on the identified site. This was a live project. After the design studio, the NGO representative and MR. Iyer reviewed the designs through a Jury. They selected one design of Nishant Kudekar to be built on site. This was great exposure for second year students.