Collecting Donations and distributing Diwali Snacks to the homeless people

09th Nov. 2023 

This year “Advayam “students’ council of college decided to celebrate Diwali in a unique way by donating the Diwali snacks kit for the homeless people at Nashik. The donations were called from students as well as staff members of the college. After collecting the funds from this donation, the order of Diwali snacks was given to the mahila bachat gat. Mahila bachat gat is a programme for women’s entrepreneurship development.  It is an organisation for the self-development of women. The snack kits were then distributed to the homeless people at Godavari ghat.

Swachhata Abhiyan “at Historical Monument, Jalalpur Nashik.

14th  Oct. 2023 

Historic monuments are both public and cultural symbols and sources of national pride that provide economic benefits by attracting tourists.  Unfortunately, we often find environmental degradation and water pollution near the Ghats and temples. This year our NSS team took an initiative to clean the area near the Shiva temple and ghat area at Jalalpur. The NSS volunteers cleaned the bushes and grass near the temple. They cleaned the garbage which has formed due to religious rituals around the campus. It created the awareness about the cleanliness among the local people too.

Blood Donation Camp

2nd Sept. 2023 

A Blood donation camp was organized by our college in collaboration with N.S.S and Youth Red Cross Unit in Association with Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Hospital & Research Center. Chief guests were invited  for the camp were  Adv.Lakshaman Landage (Director, M.V.P.Samaj), Dr.Aniruddha Dharmadhikari (Chairman Nashik Red Cross) Dr. Sunil Aundhakar (Secretory, Nashik Red Cross) Dr.PratibhaAundhakar (Programme coordinator Nashik Red Cross).

It was an effort to motivate students to come forward and donate for this noble cause. Students and the faculty members enrolled their names voluntarily to donate blood. While addressing the students at the camp, Chairman of Nashik Red Cross Dr.Aniruddha Dharmadhikari brought awareness to them about shortage of blood and why we must donate blood every year, to help the persons requiring blood.  He also explained the  health benefits for the donors. Volunteers came forward to donate blood during the camp which included teaching , non-teaching staff and students. After the completion of the blood donation, Principal, Dr. Prajakta Baste thanked and appreciated everyone present in the camp.

Tree plantation M.V.P.S’s Janata Vidaylaya, Mungasare, Nashik

28th Aug 2023 

Trees that are native are very well adapted to the naturally occurring site conditions. This adaption can result in lower maintenance costs and eliminate the need for supplemental irrigation, specialized fertilizers, or protection from wind, sun and cold. Taking into consideration of these facts, NSS committee decided to plant the native trees at school campus of M.V.P. S’s Janata Vidaylaya, Mungasare, Nashik. The NSS volunteers created a lot of awareness on the importance of tree plantation in school students. Pits were made to plant various native trees like Jambhul, Kavat, Anjan, Moh were planted. After each tree was planted, proper soil was placed around it and water was poured. Every student of the school pledged to adopt a tree and keep it alive.

Mashal March at Thorat Hall, Gangapur Road, Nashik

14th Aug 2023 

A mashal march drive was organized by NSS Unit in collaboration with the University of Pune and Yashwantrao Chavan centre.  The aim of this event was to encourage and create young students towards their rights, duties and responsibilities as the citizens of this Nation.