Visit to Gondeshwar Temple, Sinnar

4th March 2022

Students of first year B. Arch visited Gondeshwar Shiva Temple at Sinnar. The Gondeshwar temple is an 11th-12th century Hindu temple built in the Bhumija style in the form of a panchayatana complex, which features a main shrine surrounded by four subsidiary shrines. Objective of the visit was to have experiential learning of the various elements of Basic Design and also space quality, volume, geometry, patterns, light and shadows, textures, scales and proportions etc. Students identified the features of temple architecture learnt in the subject of History as well.


Visit to City Center Mall for Air Conditioning Services

4th Oct 2021

As a part of curriculum under Building services III, fourth year B. Arch students visited the city center mall to understand the air conditioining system. Students were taken through a guided tour by an engineer to various service spaces like the plant room, chiller room, air handling unit, cooling tower and various conditioned spaces to understand the system,its components, working and their relevance to architectural design.


Visit to Nashikroad Railway Station

29th April 2022

Students of first year B. Arch was given the site of the platform of Nashik road railway station as a part of an architectural design problem to design a single activity space. They visited the railway station to understand and experience the context of the site. They documented the existing  single activity spaces like food stalls, juice centers, drinking water facilities, waiting rooms etc. in groups. Detailed measurements were taken to understand anthropometry and planning of these spaces. Students also interacted with the stall persons and visitors to better understand their experience and comfort while using the spaces.