Site visit to City Centre Mall

 30th August 2019

As a curricular requirement under the subject ‘Building Services -III’ for third year B. Arch course, the students were taken to City Centre Mall Nashik. It is a central chilled water plant with a capacity of 1400 TR. Students got an opportunity to observe and understand various components in central air conditioning system like chilled water plant, Air handling unit, Chiller, condenser, compressor, Cooling tower etc. Students also got to understand installation of various air distribution components of the system such as ducting, diffusers etc. and their integration in the design of various interior and exterior spaces of mall. Maintenance experts at the plant gave the technical information regarding capacities and working of various components to the students and answered their queries. Overall the visit offered knowledge gaining to the students through experiential learning process.

Gondeshwar Temple Site visit

 15th October 2019

Students of first year B. Arch were taken to Gondeshwar Shiva Temple at Sinnar. The Gondeshwar temple is 11th- 12th century Hindu temple built in the Bhumija style in form of panchayatana complex, which features a main shrine surrounded by four subsidiary shrines. Students were made to experience the space inside and around the temple complex from morning 8.00 to afternoon 2.00 and jot down their individual experiences in the form of narratives, schematic sketches, detailed sketches and photographs. The broader parameters for analyzing the space quality are, volume, geometry, patterns, light and shadows, textures, details and scales and proportions. Students also identified the features of temple architecture learnt in the subject of History. Over all the visit offered knowledge gaining to the students through experiential learning process.

Visit To Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari, Mumbai

 12th Feb 2020

M.V.P.S.’s College of Architecture, Nashik organized Site visit to Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari, Mumbai, which was coordinated by, Managing Director, India produces more than one thousand feature films every year – including films in Hindi and several regional languages besides documentary films, short film, TV Serials & Commercials Advertising Films. Students of Architecture and Set design visited Film city campus including various shooting locations and Sets of TV Serials like Indian Idol, Master Chef, Tarak Mehata. They also interacted with professional  This visit encouraged them and exposed them to understand the especially in the Production department.

Site Visit to Swimming Pool

 19th September 2019

Site visit for a swimming pool was organised on the same lines. The students visited the functioning swimming pool at Rajmata Jijau Swimming Pool at Nashik Road and an Under Construction swimming pool at SSK Club, Chunchale, Nashik. Ar. Ajey Moghe were present at the time of site visit at SSK Club. Students observed the functioning of the swimming pool, filtration plant and other different allied services at the swimming pool. Ar. Ajey Moghe explained the construction process of the swimming pool and integration of different services like plumbing, electrical etc. while construction. He responded to the queries of students and guided them on this topic.

Industrial Visit – Mangalmurti Timber

 3rd Sept  2019

The Students of Product design and furniture design 2nd year were taken for an industrial visit at Mangalmurti Timber which is mill. The students were able to observe the process involved with the wood. There they saw soft wood and hard wood difference along with its applications and processes like wood cutting, wood lathing, wood joining along with other wood processes. They also got the information about machines and blades used in the mill for various processes along with handheld equipment’s its applications for making the furniture and products. They saw the seasoning process of wood. Overall it was an informative visit that helped in enhancing the knowledge apart from the theoretical learning.

Industrial Visit – Somesh Forge Pvt Ltd

 23rd Aug 2019

Experiential learning is one of the best way students can learn. The students of second year product design and furniture design were taken for industrial visit to Somesh forge Pvt Ltd in order to understand the metal forging process. The students were able to observe the manufacturing of single components which had to undergo through different process such as Cutting and heating, moulding, hammering, separating, Normalizing, grinding, short blasting (for polishing of components), then crack detection and finally finishing of components. Also, they saw the process of mould making. This also helped to understand the characteristics and limitations of metal. Overall this visit helped in enhancing the knowledge apart from the theoretical learning.

Site Visit at Meenatai Thakare stadium, Panchvati, Nashik for ABTS-I

 22nd Aug 2019

Students from fourth-year learn about long-span structures in ABTS 1 subject. As part of syllabus student’s from Div A & B along with faculty visited Meenatai Thakare stadium at Nashik. In this visit, the students got the information about different structural systems used for stadiums. Also, they studied load transfer system applied and structural steel construction, artificial & natural lighting and ventilation system for indoor long-span structures.

Industrial Visit – Interpack India Enterprises

 18th August 2019

The Students of Product design and furniture design 2ndyear and 3rd year were taken for an industrial visit at Interpack India Enterprises, Satpur which manufactures a wide range of products by the Thermoforming process which included Car dashboards (ABS was used), Volvo dashboards, Cupcake trays (PVC was used), Bathtubs, Nursery plant trays, Cadbury trays, Bumpers. The students were able to observe Pressure thermoforming and Vacuum thermoforming processes in details along with the finishing. This helped to understand the properties and limitations of the material during the process. Overall this visit helped in enhancing the knowledge apart from the theoretical learning.

Site Visit to Plumbing Lab at Supreme Industries, Jalgaon for BS-I

 02nd Aug 2019

Second Year B-Arch Students learn about ‘Water supply and Drainage’ in Semester -I. Site Visits is organised visit Supreme Industries, Jalgaon, where Mr. Rohit Joshi and Mr. Kishor Patil from the lab conducted on-site sessions for the students. In the first session, an AV Presentation was given about various products manufactured in the premises. In the second session, the actual display of various plumbing products was shown and the information about them was given. The last session was a hands-on workshop session about pipe joinery in which various pipe joinery types were explained. In this visit, the students got the information about the latest plumbing products and technology available.

Site visit for interior construction details

 29th July 2019

A site visit to an ongoing interior site is organized to make students understand the various concerns related to interior execution. Different parts of interior execution like partitions, wall paneling, false ceiling and furniture work were explained on site. The step by step execution process explained in lecture could be seen on site. Students raised many questions to site workers about execution to suit their design. The practical manifestation of their design ideas could be tested for workability. Latest materials and assembly techniques for different designs were explored in depth. This helped students to formulate their interior designs and establish more practical oriented construction details for the execution of the same.

Site Visit at Farm house, Dugaon, Nashik for Design 3

 14th June 2019

Second-year students along with design faculty visited farmhouse at Dugaon Nashik as part of major design problem Residence with homestay. The Farmohuse was designed by acclaimed architect Dhananjay Shinde from Nashik. Later, an informal session was organised at the Dhanajay sir’s office to understand the design process. Students asked many questions to sir about their understanding of design and concept. Such a combined visit where students can see the architectural work and interact with the designer helps students in their design approach. In this site visit, students got to understand the multipurpose nature of spaces, the response of the structure to the climate, how to maintain harmony with the site etc.

Site Visit for Acoustics

Third Year B-Arch Students learn about –‘Acoustical Design’ in the semester-VI. Faculty of the subject – Building Services – IV organized the student site visit to Yashwantrao Chavan Mukta Vidyapeeth (YCMOU),  Nashik for the same. Following are the YCMOU facilities which students visit, study, and prepare a Case-Study Report on – Audio Video Department, Yashobharati, Yash-In Auditorium, Library and Resource Center.