Seminar on housing by Architect Sameer Shinde and Architect Vinay Pande

17th Sept 2022

A seminar was organized for 4th year architecture students to guide in their housing design studio. CANS alumini Architect Sameer Shinde and Architect Vinay Pande from Mumbai were invited for the seminar. Architect Sameer Shinde explained the concept of affordable housing and its relevance to location.  She shared his experience of working with government for MHADA schemes for affordable housing approach. He explained the challenges and opportunities in the affordable housing sector.  Architect Vinay Pandey elaborated on the concept of sustainable planning though theory. He then explained the application of the same in practice through his housing projects. He elaborated on the complexities of housing projects and relevant application of sustainable principles. He threw light on the government policies for guidelines for sustainable and green planning approach in housing sector impled by MOEF. He shared the the construction drawings and details for application of sustainable practice such as rain water harversting, solar power, STP and other possible ways of sustainable hosuing planning. 

FDP on ‘Rural Settlement Study – the Objective, Process and Outcomes’

27th June 2022

A faculty development program on ‘ Rural Settlement Study – the Objective, Process and Outcomes’ was organized in collaboration with Bricks SMEF’s Bricks College of Architecture Pune. During the program faculties of both the institutes presented their approaches and thought lines regarding the conduction of settlement studies. They also exchanged their views and methodologies to achieve better learning outcome by the students from the process. An MOU was signed between both the institutes. Overall the program gave new insights and perspectives for the teaching and learning process to the faculties of both the institutes.

Seminar on ‘Introduction to Landscape Architecture’

22nd July 2022

Seminar on Introduction to landscape architecture by eminent landscape architect, ecological planning design and knowledge consultants, facilitators and a hard-core teacher,  Prof. Shishir R. Raval. The seminar introduced students to various aspects of Landscape architecture. It explained the detailed process and importance of site planning to achieve a sustainable design. Landscape projects of various scales with detailed drawings and on site photos were discussed with students.