Hospitality Lecture Talk by Ar. Parijat Mishra 

12th Feb 2021

A seminar was arranged for the 3rd year students on the topic of “Hospitality Design” by Ar. Parijat Mishra. Ar. Mishra talked about the design program in respect to various aspects such as needs of the city and / or context responding to aspects like heritage and conservation, landscape and ecology etc. he also stressed on development of building design from not only client or user’s requirements but also in response to context specific factors like socio-economic, socio-cultural, environmental etc. Ar Mishra stressed on analyzing activities around the buildings within a campus and understanding the same in context to relation of built form and open spaces, elements of landscape, pedestrian and vehicular movement, their segregation, managing sloping sites, contours, etc. Ar. Mishra elaborated on the various aspects to be considered in design as socio-cultural aspects, the Aesthetic aspects of Design, the functional aspects of design, the Climatic zones and their strategies and the spatial and structural implications of basic services involved in building design. 


‘Introduction of ISHRAE Students Chapter’ and session on ‘Air Conditioning Basics, System Selection & Market Forms’ 

09th September 2021

A webinar on ‘Introduction of ISHRAE Students Chapter’ followed by session on ‘Air Conditioning Basics, System Selection & Market Forms’ was organized for third year students  in collaboration with  ISHRAE Nashik Chapter. Speaker for the webinar was Er. Rauf Shaikh, past president ISHRAE Nashik Chapter. Mr. Rauf elaborated on ISHRAE Students Chapter – Benefits to students, Basic Refrigeration System, Principles of Air Conditioning System, Different types of AC units available in market, Selection of AC systems considering functional and  spatial requirements.


Preparation for Competitive Exams, Entrance Exam for SPA 

12th September 2021

To facilitate the students to interact with their own alumni who appeared for Competitive exams & got admissions for post-graduation was the main objective of this seminar. Fourth and fifth year students participated in this seminar. Alumni Experts – Ar. Madhusudan Chandak, Ar. Deepti Patil, Ar. Diksha Sutar  highlighted their experiences for the preparation of GATE and other competitive exams and about the opportunities for higher education in internationally reputed Institutes in India and abroad. They also discussed various specialisations and availability of admission quota in Institutes like SPA, CEPT universities. Students asked questions about the admission processes and fees structures in Institutes of reputes in India, qualifying exams for higher education about civil services, changed scenarios in this pandemic situation etc.