A report on Seminar on  Resilient and Sustainable Planning: Strategies and Key concepts in urban planning and buildings by

Ar. Mili Majumdar

22th April 2021


On the occasion of World Mother Earth Day, Ar. Mili Majumdar delivered a lecture on ‘Resilient and Sustainable planning: Strategies and key concepts in urban planning and buildings’ wherein she sensitised students to global climate crisis and need of resilient and sustainable architectural practice. In her presentation she elaborated on the concept of resilience and its relevance to the field of architecture and sustainability. She also talked on the concept of adaptive design to reduce energy demand. Through her project demonstrations she explained how different tools like risk footprint report, climate assessment planning etc. can be efficiently used in resilient urban planning. Through simple graphics she explained strategies for resilient urban planning, sustainable storm water management, and mitigation of urban heat island effect, climate resilient housing design and energy efficient building design. Overall the session made students aware of the practical aspects and future prospects of sustainable architectural practice and green building design.

Online Lecture  Unified DCR for Maharashtra and Nashik
Indian Institute of Architects,Nashik Centre.

14th April 2021










Rasik Bothra , Chairman, Indian Institute of Architects, Nashik Centre explained about the Unified Development Control and Promotion Regulations (DCPR or DCR) for Maharashtra state. He explained how it  will ensure systematic and sustainable urban development in the years to come. The  new rules, comprehensively covers all aspects of infrastructure and real-estate development in the notified urban areas, It will bring much-needed uniformity, consistency and transparency to a sector. The session ended with the question answer session. Ar.Bothra answered all the questions satisfactorily to all the students. 



Hospital Design

Dr. Nilangi Sardeshpande, Ar. Dinesh Bhamre,

Ar. Milind Kulkarni

16th March 2021

The guest lecture series was organised for Third year B. Arch students as a live case study forum where the architect takes students through one of their campus design projects. This was organised specifically to overcome the lacuna of live case study during pandemic, since live experience of campus spaces is extremely crucial at third year design stage. Architect Dinesh and Milind explained the complexities and technicalities of Hospital design. They emphasised on importance of understanding and integrating services right from the planning stage.
Dr. Nilangi is an expet in hospital management She explained the working of a hospital from IPD – OPD, OT and other functional aspects which helped students in the planning process.

by,M/s- Akshay Study Abroad, Nashik.

26th Dec 2020










To facilitate the students to interact with experts for Preparation of competitive exams and counseling for Post graduation studies aboard was the main objective of this seminar. Fourth and fifth year students participated in this seminar. Experts highlighted the opportunities for higher education in internationally reputed institutes all over the world and impact of covid situation.They also discussed about various specializations and availability of admission quota in various universities. Students asked questions about the admission processes, changed admission criteria due to covid and fees structures in various Universities. Experts also guided them about various competitive exams and qualifying exams for higher education. Mr. Amit Gore also discussed about the changed higher studies scenario and conduct in this covid pandemic situation.




Prof .Dhonshree Deshponde
Prof. Rohul Chulke
Prof .AbhoyPowor
Prof .Anu po mo Khoto vkor
Prof. Cheton Shostrobudhe

8th Aug 2020



















With on objective to inlroduce vorious coreer prospects by field experts to give insights obout significonce, conlents. requirements, future prospecisond opportunities in the field of orchitecture.