Personality development Seminar

5th Aug 2016

Mr. Nitin Paranjape, Director, Abhivyakti Media for Development, Nashik started the session with the aim at all-round development of the first-year students through personality development. He has brought in Various minute details which help to improve the time management and teamwork skills by assign number of tasks to students and making them involved in the process. Session was planned very interactive that helps students to understand by self-learning. Students were also made aware of the values and ethics those are necessary for grooming their personality in all respect. Session was held for First year students in lecture hall L5.

Seminar conducted for sexual harassment at workplace

27th Feb 2017

The seminar was organised specifically to make female students and staff aware about “The sexual harassment of women at the workplace” – prevention, prohibition and redressal act, 2013.  As per Government of India directive, the Maharashtra state commission for women had organised a training session in association with Akshara – empowering girls and women on the above subject.  Our senior female faculties attended a training session about the same to guide the students in the campus. The lecture was attended by many girl students across the section and female staff of the institute. She spoke in detail about the various types of behaviors by male colleagues that can be considered as sexual harassment. This proved as an eye-opener for everyone, contradictory to popular belief that only physical misbehavior is considered as harassment. Mental abuse, derogatory remarks also form a part of this act. She also introduced the legal framework about such cases through examples. The lecture imbibed confidence amongst students to be fearless and speak up for their rights. Girls asked a lot of questions about the legal proceedings of such an event to be prepared.

‘Housing – The Quality of Environment’

16th Sep 2016 to 17th Sep 2016

During his visit Ar. Prasanna Desai had a rigorous discussion with 4th year architecture students on the subject of Housing design. Selected students’ works on their housing design project were showcased to get expert comments and suggestions from the guest. Further the students had a free dialogue with sir to understand the intricacies of the housing design process. Desai sir also had a discussion with 4th year Design faculty that greatly helped them to have better output from the students. In the evening session Ar. Desai had a presentation on ‘Housing – The quality of Environment’ in which he discoursed his views on issues such as quantity, affordability and quality of housing in India. He showcased his own projects and shared his work experiences. He explained linking of private space to public space through achieving comfort, flexibility, extended unit, expansion, network, open space hierarchy and amenities as a key to achieve good environment quality in housing. In his next presentation, ‘Delhi o Dehli’, he explored the contemporary architecture of Delhi. Next day, first year students interacted with Ar. Desai. The interaction helped students a lot to understand the qualities of an architect. Thus, Ar. Desai’s visit to the institute proved to be a very valuable and knowledgeable experience for the students as well as the faculties.