The college possesses an adequate collection of books related to academics as well as other fields, along with a spacious reading environment to enrich and encourage reading habits of students.


The institute consists of a number of studios which are well equipped to satisfy the needs of the students and provide a healthy interactive atmosphere which is the most important requirement in a design school.

Workshop Facility

The Institute has a well equipped workshop along with all the necessary work facilities to provide with firsthand experience of material handling and experimentation. Adequate guidance of teachers and experienced workshop instructors is facilitated.

Audio-Visual Rooms

There are well- equipped audio-visual and demonstration / lecture halls which enable to have speeches, presentations and demonstrations by faculty, professionals and students.

Material Lab

There is o well-developed material lab with or collection of material samples along with their technical specifications and engineering properties etc.

Computer Lab

A state of the art computer lab with all sorts of software support and access to the web is provided to the students and the faculty. Students also get exposure to various software and applications under the guidance of Teachers and instructors as per individual curriculum.

Exhibition space / Art Court

There is provision for inbuilt exhibition spaces for students which are flexible and are worked upon in detail, according to the theme of each exhibition. Thus challenging the students to find a different detail concept for an individual event. Through this, students get exposed to the practical application of concept and various current trends in practice.

Hostel Facility

Institute offers hostel facility for girls (N. D. M. V. P. S.’ S college of engineering premises).Limited number of seats are kept for outstation students as per hostel rules.

Outdoor Studio

Outdoor studio space in the vicinity of nature provides pleasing working environment for the students. This kind of an informal learning experience helps students to generate new ideas with refreshing minds. Outdoor studio often becomes an interaction zone where students from various disciplines can communicate comfortably and share their ideas and views.