lecture talk on Influence of islamic Architecture on Contemporary  Architecture

14th June 2023

As a part of the syllabus for History of Architecture II of First year, a lecture on Influence of islamic architecture on contemporary architecture was delivered by Ar. Megha Butte to the F.Y students. Prof. Butte started the lecture by explaining the origin of islamic architecture and the developments seen in different regions of the world,  Prof. Butte explained the variations in the elemental forms that happened as a result of the skill of Indian artisans familiar with knowledge of hindu architecture. Prof. Butte discussed and explained the changes that are seen in the plan & elevations  of the of Islamic structures. She involved the students by asking them about the known structures of Islamic and what makes the structure to be remembered forever. She explained how these structures influenced contemporary buildings in its elemental form. At the end of lecture Prof. Butte showed some images to students and asked them to recognise the styles that made the students participate in the quiz and understand the styles with more detail.


24th Apr 2023

The students of 4th year B. Arch from MVP Samaj’s College of Architecture Nashik attended a guest lecture by Ar Rahul Londhe. He spoke on the various services` like drainage, grey water recycling, fire systems, electrical transformers. O.H Water tanks their capacity and placement. The guest lecture was very beneficial to the students who could see the practical application of services they learn about in the classroom. The lecture fostered participatory learning.


17th Feb 2023

Students have benefitted from this Online Guest Lecture and
from Q. Ans. Session; and have learned about the following –
1. Role of a Landscape Architect of the future.
2. Landscape Profession in Singapore.
3. Biodiversity Conservation.
4. Use of Public Projects for Urban Landscaping.
5. Strategic Landscape Planning at National Level.
6. Building a Climate-Resilient City with tactical
community involvement.
7. Ecological Landscape Research.

lecture talk on Development in Styles of Temple Architecture

15th Feb 2023

As a part of the syllabus for History of Architecture of First year, a lecture on development of styles in hindu Temple architecture was delivered by Ar. Nandan Malani students.Ar. Nandan started the lecture by explaining the basic classification of temple styles as the North Indian temple,  the latina temple or the nagara style then  a kutina temple, a dravida temple or a South Indian temple and the vesara, which is a hybrid between the north and the south, the latina and the kutina. Ar. Nandan discussed about the three major forms of the Latina temple of the north Indian temple are the shekhari which has cascading spires, the Kalinga which has a very curious curvilinear shape and the Bhumija where you have strong bands along the four cardinal sides. He also explained the changes that are seen in the plan of the temples. At the end of lecture Ar. Nandan showed some images to students and asked them to recognise the styles this made the students participate in the quiz and understand the styles with more detail.

Guest lecture on ‘Slum Rehabilitation Works’

22rd Sept 2022

In the seventh semester of fourth year B. Arch students have elected an elective Slum Rehabilitation as their syllabus part. Ar. Pratima Joshi was invited for the same. In this lecture students got knowledge about how slum rehabilitation works on ground level, live case studies for their reference. What are different stages and various government schemes involved in one project, how to use eco friendly material that are cost efficient also. Speaker also explained their expertise and inventions in above lecture.

STEELL BUILDINGS – Construction & Detailing

03rd Sept 2022

Guest presentation on “STEEL BUILDINGS – Construction & Detailing” by Er. Parth Bhavsar  was organized for fourth year students under the subject Elective-III – Architecture using Steel. He guided the students regarding many important things such as  Simple, Continuous, & Semi-continuous Steel Design, ASD & LRFD methods, Fire Protection & Seismic Standards , Design, Fabrication, & Construction Processes, Transportation & On-Site Steel Procurement, Steel Building Systems, Criteria & Strategy for Designing of various Steel Components, Various Moment & Force Resisting Systems.

Guest lecture on wooden derivatives and its market forms

08th  August 2022

The field of architecture and interior design is closely associated with material supplies. With new products being launched every day the interior design industry
is extremely dynamic and one needs to stay updated at all times. Mr. Dashan Batavia is leading interior material supplier of the city. Third year students were exposed to the market through his lecture. Darshan explained the manufacturing process of plywood and oter derivatives. He explained the application of various types of plywood through samples. He emphasized on the difference in the quality, strength and rates of different types. Students handled the samples and could understand the importance of material selection and market forms effectively.