Guest Lecture on Socio-Economic effects on Human Settlement

07th  March 2020

Guest lecture on Socio Economic effect on Human Settlement was organised for first year students.  Mr. Ajit Takke explained the historical background and their reasons for the various human settlement around the world. He then discussed with the students about the various social and economic aspects of Indian culture and how they affected the design patterns, material selection, and selection of design elements in the rural settlement. He exposed the students the root causes of all this aspects and how they are affecting the rural settlements. He also explained the students how we can analyse the rural settlement based on the reasons of social and economic factors in that culture. He answered queries raised by students.

Presentation by Ar. Rahul Manohar on Design of Auditorium

07th  March 2020

Ar. Rahul Manohar, expert on auditorium design imparted basic knowledge about the design criteria’s and basics of Auditorium planning and the related services like acoustics, HVAC etc. He also presented his work done for various auditorium with detailed drawings and photographs. He showed the new market forms of acoustic materials that can be used for aesthetic solutions for auditorium design. 

Guest lecture on “Energy & Sustainability Roadmap in Healthcare Industry” at Urjawaran 19-20, ISHRAE Nashik

20th  December 2019

ISHRAE (Indian Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) NASHIK CHAPTER had organised a one day event, URJAVARAN 2019-20 with the theme, “ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY ROAD MAP FOR HEALTHCARE AND HOSPITALITY.  Students from Fourth year B. Arch who opted for the elective “Green Buildings and Rating Systems” took an opportunity to attend Keynote speech on “ENERGY SUSTAINABILITY ROAD MAP FOR HEALTHCARE AND HOSPITALITY” by Mr. Rakesh Bhatia and presentation on “RENEWABLE ENERGY AND SOLAR AIR CONDITIONING” by Dr. Omprakash Kulkarni. Mr. Rakesh Bhatia, delivered a keynote speech that focussed on the energy facts in healthcare facilities in current scenario and way forward. He demonstrated some of the case studies of high energy use in healthcare facilities. He also demonstrated his projects rated under IGBC Green Healthcare Rating System. Many active and passive strategies were also discussed so as to minimise energy consumption and design sustainable healthcare facilities. In his presentation, “Renewable Energy and Solar Air conditioning” ,Mr. Omprakash Kulkarni elaborated on how geothermal system could be utilised for solar air conditioning.

Guest Lecture on Taxation

27th  August 2019

Guest lecture by CA Praveen Kulkarni on Taxation, Banking and Insurance was organised for fourth year students. He presented the different laws related with this topic. He discussed in detail the do’s and don’ts in the field. He guided the students on the procedures to deal with this topic and advised the students about the precautions to be taken for this.