Foundation day celebration

01st Sep 2015


Turning back the 26 pages of the year book in history dated 2nd Sept 1979 was the day when the first batch entered the college. To cherish this moment, every year since then this day is celebrated as the college day. On this occasion, a structure is erected by the students of 2nd year B.Arch and B des. Dedicating their passion towards their respective fields and our college. Students willingly work aiming at the structure to be sustainable and useful. The structure is named as ‘the structure of the year’. Our principal, Dr. Prajakta Baste madam, along with all the faculty members inaugurated the structure. Lot of enthusiasm was seen in the students through the day through various activities. The eve was celebrated with fresher’s party to welcome first-year batches of architecture and B.des students who actively participated in cultural performances.

Gurupournima celebration

31st July 2015


On 31 July, Gurupournima was celebrated. Teachers or Guru play a major role in making their students responsible citizens of tomorrow and good human beings. Students performed exclusively for teachers were a memorable one. Students from B Arch & B Des were present and exhibited their talents as a treat to the teachers. Followed by the speech given by various students and teachers.

Independence Day celebration

15th Aug 2015


In 2015, students and teachers in MVPS’s College of Architecture, Nashik celebrated Independence Day with great enthusiasm and passion. Students of 1st to final year from both the fraternities decorated the campus with posters, paintings, monuments etc. reflecting the joy of freedom. Ar. Scott Knox from US working for developing temporary structures for construction workers in India with supported by M.V.P.S’s College of Architecture, Nashik hoisted the flag. The ceremony was followed by the cultural performances by students and a word by Architect Scott Knox and Principal Dr. Prajakta baste.

Republic Day celebration

26th Jan 2016


On 26 January 2016, MVPSs College of Architecture, Nashik witnessed  67 th Republic day celebration at the college campus. The programme started with furling of national flag by Principal Dr. Prajakta Base madam, followed by her speech.

Cans’ Got Talent Dance And Singing Competition

03rd Jan 2015


This year, the much anticipated annual event of socials started with ‘Cans’ got Talent’ show.  Student’s council members and social secretary organized the event. Scrutinized participants from both disciplines across all years performed various talents such as dance, singingboth solo and group. Students enjoyed the event and everyone participated with enthusiasm. The competition was judged by Nishtha Karkhanis and Natasha Parsai. All the faculty members attended the event. Winners, runner up and special mentions were awarded. The event was followed by a dance party.

Celebration Of Gokulashthami – Dahi Handi

05th Sep 2015


This year, on 25th August, the playful event of Dahihandi took place with lot of excitement. The event was organized by students’ Council. The students’ council organized a safe and secure Dahi handi play in the courtyard All the classes participated as teams of 12-18 students. The participants and onlookers enjoyed the game. The event was monitored by senior faculty members and non teaching team for safety purpose.

Welcome of New Batch – Freshers Party

30th Aug 2015


This year, the fresher’s party celebrations started with welcome note by the student’s council representative. The second-year students conducted with programme with zeal and vigour. The first-year students were invited on stage to introduce themselves in an innovative way. They were also encouraged to showcase their talents. This way the students are remembered vividly throughout their college life.  All the faculty members attended the event. Ms. Fresher and Mr. Fresher titles were awarded by the hands of Principal Baste Ma’am. The event was followed by a dance party and welcome dinner.

Celebration Of Ganapati Festival

07th Sep 2015


Like every year, after the Ganpati idol making workshop with Shaadu clay, Ganesh sthapana was done on 13th September. Interesting and varied manifestations of Ganesha idol were explored by students and all these are worshipped during the 10 day Ganesha festival. Each day a common aarti took place at 10.30 in the morning followed by Prasada. Every day one class took responsibility and arranged Prasad for the entire college. It is nice cultural atmosphere created in college for 10 days. The visarjan ceremony took place on the 10th day as per rituals in college campus. Student council takes initiative in arranging and coordinating the whole event.

Celebration Of Samaj Din

19th Aug 2015


This year, on the 19th August, Samaj din was celebrated remembering the founders of the MVP samaj. The images of visionary leaders were arranged and decorated in the atrium with garlands and rangoli. Principal Ma’am and all faculty paid tribute to the images. Principal ma’am addressed the programme with a remembrance speech. Smita Kasar Patil Ma’am shared one of the stories of the formative years of the sanstha and the struggle these great people went through.

Farewell To Final Year – Thee Awards

04th Jan 2016


This year, the ‘THEE awards’ celebration started with a grand welcome procession of the final year Batch. The entire college gathered to warmly welcome the exit batch in the campus one last time. The second-year students conducted with the programme with great enthusiasm. The students graduating batch were given various awards. This recognized their qualities and contribution while on campus. The award ceremony was followed by speech from few of the faculty members remembering the journey of graduating batch. Few students also shared their experience and expressed gratitude towards institute and faculty members. All the faculty members attended the event. Ms. Cans and Mr. Cans titles were awarded. The event was followed by dance party and farewell dinner.