Lecture on Non Verbal Communication – NPTEL (Recorded)

By Prof. T. Ravichandran

NPTEL Course Developing Soft Skills & Personality, IIT Kanpur

20th Feb 2023

NPTEL recorded lecture on nonverbal communication – introduction and importance from developing soft skills & personality by T. Ravichandran IIT Kanpur was run for the students. Strong communication skills are important in establishing personal and professional relations. There are two main types of communication: non-verbal and verbal. Most people know how to use verbal communication in daily life, but communicating in a non-verbal manner is often unintentional and provides enough information about people and incidents. Nonverbal communication means conveying information without using words. This might involve using certain facial expressions or hand gestures to make a specific point, or it could involve the use (or non-use) of eye contact, physical proximity, and other nonverbal cues to get a message across. Nonverbal communication types were discussed at depth; Facial expressions, Gestures, Paralinguistic (such as loudness or tone of voice), Body language, Proxemics or personal space, Eye gaze, haptic (touch), Appearance, Artifacts (objects and images). Some of the Advantages that are discussed at length are Nonverbal communication provides clarity, Reduces wastage of time, Quicker transmission of messages, Lack of formality, Help to handicapped people, and Substitute for the verbal message. And some of the disadvantages discussed are difficult to understand, Long conversations aren’t possible, Meaning varies across cultures, distant conversations aren’t possible. Lecture was enjoyed by the students.


Workshop on Learning Photoshop

By Mr. Abhijeet More1  & Ankita Nikam2

Graphic Designer1, Assistant Professor at MVPS’s College of Architecture, Nashik2.

21stJan 2023 & 11th Feb 2023

Learning Photoshop workshop for second and third year students of B. Arch was organised by institute in two sessions. Mr. Abhijeet More started the session with the introduction to the software. Scope and limitations were discussed. She also stated to the students the importance of learning software’s that help to enhance and compose the drawings and also to make them presentable. Prof. Ankita Nikam added saying that photoshop can edit and compose raster images in multiple layers and supports masksalpha compositing and several color models including RGBCMYKCIELABspot color, and duotone. Mr. More explained how to enhance learning experience with Photoshop by use of no. of different commands; Mr. More stated that one of the most important things while using the software is to know the shortcut keys since it saves time, increases speed and efficiency. Students learnt many techniques to present the drawings and ideas in simple and efficient way.


Lecture talk on Oral Hygiene

By Dr. Keshav Handage and Dr. Neeraj Burse MVPS’S Dental College

07th Feb 2023

Prof. Purva Shah gave a brief introduction about Dr Keshav and Dr. Neeraj from MVPS’S Dental College. Both the experts introduced the topic with basic information about Good oral health. They elaborated on the topic by discussing the advantages associated with good oral hygiene. They spoke on aspects associated with mouth, tongue and teeth that helps to speak clearly; taste, chew, and swallow nutritious foods; and helps to show feelings through facial expressions such as smiling. Dr. Neeraj shared some important information along with some tips such as using fluoride toothpaste, Fluoride protects teeth from tooth decay (cavities). It prevents decay by strengthening the tooth’s hard outer surface, called enamel. Suggestions such as angle of the bristles toward the gum line that helps clean between the gums and teeth. Brush gently using small, circular motions. Not to scrub hard back and forth. Brush all sides of each tooth. Along with suggestions like brushing the tongue regularly.



Workshop lecture on CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) Session

By Dr. Kashinath Jadhav

4th Feb 2023

Dr. Kashinath Jadhav and his team from Dr. Vasantrao Pawar Medical College, Hospital & Research Center Nashik, explained the importance of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) to the students. He discussed about the need of this technique to be learnt by the youth. He showed them a presentation in which actual technique was explained. Then it was demonstrated using a mannequin.  It was an interactive session in which Students shared their experiences. They asked their queries and got satisfactory answers to them. Students also tried the technique on the mannequin and their activity was supervised and got clarified by Dr. Jadhav.


Lecture on Personality Development – Confidence Building

By Mr. Dattatraya Aher (Ex Principal Govt. ITI )

31st Jan 2023

Mr. Dattatraya Aher started the session with the aim at all round development of the first year students through personality development. He has brought in various minute details which help to improve the time management and teamwork skills. Students were also made aware of the values and ethics which are necessary for grooming their personality in all respect. Mr. Aher stressed on the technique to develop student’s p personality through variety of activities, one of which is the knowledge of Etiquette Mr. Aher also elaborated on various aspects like self-reliance, self-control and to inculcate good thoughts He also discussed how to work on self-confidence, to improve self-esteem and ways enhance overall personality of the students. Mr. Aher has a rational way of putting things to students which made the sessional highly useful and interactive.


Lecture on Communication Skills-Effective Communication – NPTEL (Recorded)

By Prof. T. Ravichandran

NPTEL Course Developing Soft Skills & Personality, IIT Kanpur

30th Jan 2023

NPTEL recorded lecture on Communication Skills – effective communication from developing soft skills & personality by T. Ravichandran IIT Kanpur was run for the students. The content of lecture elaborated on Verbal Communication as a type of oral communication wherein the message is transmitted through the spoken words. Words help to express feelings, thoughts, ideas and opinions in the form of speeches, discussions, presentations, and conversations.  The effectiveness of the verbal communication depends on the tone of the speaker, clarity of speech, volume, speed, body language and the quality of words used in the conversation.

Main objectives of verbal communication

  • Conveying information and ideas.
  • Providing instructions and guidance.
  • Persuading and influencing others.
  • Building relationships and establishing connections.
  • Expressing emotions and feelings.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise.
  • Collaborating and problem-solving.
  • Negotiating and resolving conflicts

Ways to improve verbal communication skills were discussed in the lecture like Active Listening, Expand Vocabulary, and Practice Public Speaking, Role-play and Mock Conversations, Seek Professional Development, Clear Articulation, Use Technology.


Yoga health and hygiene – “Know your body type be happy and healthy”

By Dr. Ashutosh Yardi, Ayurveda Consultant

13th Sept 2022

Dr. Yardi is an Ayurveda practitioner, and beliefs that if a person understands his body type he can lead to a better standard of  living. He discussed the ancient science of Ayurveda and explained the 3 major body types he also elaborated on few pointers on how to recognize the body type of a person. Dr. Yardi added that people with different body types will react differently to similar situations or conditions. He also suggested the diet that should be followed by the body types as per Ayurveda, to overcome on stress and emotions and to achieve a balance in all fronts of  life.