F.Y.B.Arch Audit Course : Creative Writing and Performing Arts

22nd July 2023 to 27th July 2023

Our F.Y.B.Arch students were offered an audit course in Creative Writing. This course was designed to give students hands-on experience in developing their writing skills, regardless of the language. This course is an invaluable tool to help students gain a competitive edge and become better communicators, as writing is a key part of any professional endeavour. Furthermore, this course offered students the opportunity to think outside the box, as creative writing exercises require imagination and innovative approaches. The expert from the field Mr. Deven Kapadnis conducted the course. Ultimately, the audit course in Creative Writing offered F.Y.B.Arch students the opportunity to hone their writing skills in a safe and stimulating environment. An audit course for F.Y.B.Arch students on performing arts was conducted. Expert teachers from the fields of performing arts, dance, drama, and singing, Mr. Pradip Gorade, Mr. Aanand Atre and Mr. Tejas Bildikar, provided invaluable guidance and mentorship. Students worked hard on a performance set based on the Independence day theme. The event was made possible due to a collaboration between our institute and Horizon Academy ICSE school, who kindly provided the venue for practice.

S.Y.B.Arch Audit Course: Cyber Security

 Dec 2022 to March 2023

Cyber Security Audit certification training equips individuals with advanced skills to protect and secure IT systems. The course teaches techniques for identifying vulnerabilities, managing risks, and ensuring compliance with security policies. Upon completing Cyber Security Audit certification training, an individual gains a strong knowledge of cyber security principles, exploit mitigation, and intrusion detection. They also attain skills in risk management, network and system security implementation, cryptography, and disaster recovery planning. Learning a Cyber Security Audit course provides numerous benefits such as enhancing one’s skills in identifying potential security threats, implementing preventative strategies, and ensuring data protection.

F.Y.B.Arch Audit Course :Sculpture

 24th, 25th  & 26th Feb 2023

The students were divided into groups according to the selected materials. After the presentations by faculty they
were assigned the Assignment.
The work was done by students in following steps.
Day 1:-
Discussion done by faculty on the topic of modern Sculpture. Students will prepare sketches drawing on the sheets. All the students will work on given responsibility.Students will work on the sculpture as per the sketches.
Day 2:-
Group wise discussion on the final artwork with teacher were carried out for final comments and improvements if any.
Step 3:-
Submission of the final art work

S.Y.B.Arch Audit Course : Foreign Language.

 June 2022 to Nov 2022

Considering the importance of foreign languages, the institute has conducted an Audit Course in foreign languages. This Audit course was conducted for second year students. For this course, German and Japanese were the two languages chosen. Out of the two options, students chose a language of their choice. Miss. Mrunmayee Muley (German) and Prof. Sayali Gogte (French) were the invited speakers. The course was conducted in offline mode in college 2 lectures per week, two hours each day. The syllabus covered in this course included
∙ Icebreakers, greetings & niceties in chosen Language. ∙ Alphabet- use and application of vowels & consonants. ∙ Framing small, simple yes-no questions & W- questions. ∙Answering simple questions. Basic numbers  Self-introduction.