Effective Writing

17th April 2022 to 12th April 2022

An audit course on Effective Writing for first year students was based on NPTEL lecture series by Prof. Binod Mishra, Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, IIT Roorkie. The course was coordinated by Prof. Ketaki Manolkar and Prof. Ankita Nikam. The purpose of this course was to familiarize students with the nuances of effective writing so that they can better understand the subtle art of writing subtlety to express their ideas on various occasions
while considering the concepts of appropriateness and accuracy. Different forms of writing such as report writing, essay writing, academic writing, business writing and creative writing were covered during the course.


Scrap Material Sculpture

7th April 2022 to 11th April 2022

An audit course on scrap material sculpture was conducted for first year B. Arch students by Prof. Levant Gavande in collaboration with ITI college. The objective of the course was to introduce students to making masterpieces from scrap, using various types of lines, shapes, patterns, textures to create the design and utilize the elements of art to create an original artwork. Students were introduced to Introduction preparation for the sculpture process, how to choose the right materials, their properties and how to use them in sculpture, and pre-painting fundamentals. Students created a live scale sculpture in a group from scrap material as an outcome.


Painting – Various Movements in Art

7th April 2022 to 11th April 2022

An audit course on painting was conducted for first year students based on the theme – Art movements. This course was designed to learn painting process &  techniques, experiment with different mediums, explore new concepts and learn some theory from the professionals. It gave students insights regarding the  process & advanced techniques in drawing and painting, the ability to apply them to a specific aesthetic intent and to explore the expressive possibilities of various mediums.


Electrical Maintenance

15th July 2021 to 30th Sept 2021

An audit course on Electrical Maintenance for third year students was conducted in the form of online  lecture series by Mr. Sachin Sampatrao More, a faculty from M. V. P. Samaj’s Private Industrial Training Institute. The purpose of this course was to familiarize students with the Basic electrical gadgets in home and offices. Introduction to problems related to electricity supply in home environments. Precautions while handling electrical gadgets and wiring. Mechanism of protection from electrical hazards, while considering the concepts of practical approach and personal safety. Different forms of assignment were conducted during the course.