Audit/ Elective Courses 2019-20
Creative Writing and Scripting

17th ,18th,19th, 22nd ,23rd Oct 2019


Our Alumni Architect Sonama Pathan – an award-winning short film director conducted a 5-day course. The students learnt the elements of effective prose from the plot and setting of characters and imagery to create short stories or essays. To sharpen their writing skills and strengthen their imagination, understanding, students engaged in both writing practice and reading assignments during the course. Students understood important aspects of creative writing and scripting, including plot, scene, characters, point-of-view, dialogue, imagery. They worked on demonstrating the ability to incorporate literary elements. They learnt technical expertise in the revision process through a polished portfolio.


17th,18th,19th  and 22nd,23th Oct 2019


Fine artist Mr. Mahesh Raut, assistant professor at School of fine arts Nashik. conducted this course. Students were imparted with an understanding of the basic techniques of drawing and painting. They were imparted with the ability to apply these techniques to a specific aesthetic intent. The students explored the expressive possibilities of various mediums. This course helped students to learn painting techniques, experiment with different mediums and explore new concepts. The students also understood and learnt the theory of arts from the professionals.

Textile Design

17th,18th,19th  and 22nd,23th Oct 2019

Ms. Pratima Palod, textile and apparel designer conducted this course. The course emphasised creative explorations and from concept to the prototype developed through various stages of further explorations and refinement. Students developed a variety of skills, in combination with theoretical knowledge and practical application. The programme commences with the fundamentals of textile design. This includes textile fibres, weave structure, surface design, dyeing techniques, printing methods, sewing techniques, constructed textiles and basic inputs in design. They gained knowledge about textile design as a  field.


Dyeing and Printing of Fabrics

16th ,17th,18th  and 19th , 20th Dec. 2019


Ms. Pratima Palod, textile and apparel designer conducted this course. This course helped students to expand their knowledge of the basic technology of dyeing and printing process and development learnt in textile design course.  Students explored basic concepts of dyeing and printing process which include preparation, dyeing, printing and finishing with emphasis on the inter-relationships of fabric styles and wet processing steps. They explored various processing sequences understood causes and solutions to common finished fabric problems and the requirements for quality fabrics. They could identify the difference between dyes & pigments as well as understand the variety and complexity of dyeing and printing techniques.


17th – 21th Dec. 2019


Our Alumni Architect Sonama Pathan – an award-winning short film director conducted a 5-day course. This course is a continuation of the creative writing course. Students explored lighting and cinematography skills in a number of formats including still photography exercises. They could effectively use the visual tools of cinema to tell meaningful stories. Students created several original projects during this course. Students understood essential components of the cinematography such as the angle of the camera, the nature of the camera movement, the speed and length of the shot, lighting, composition, setup, types of shot. Students explored to create experimental films documentaries and short films.