Course: ART MOVEMENT IN ARCHITECTUREFaculty-Mrs.Shilpa Sharma , Prof. Suruchi RandiveDuration- 30thDecember 2019 to 2nd Jan 2020Timing- 8.00 am to 2.30 pm

Course Outline

  •     Genesis of a Movement
    ⦁ Looking at the preceding and succeeding styles
    For given movement:
    ⦁ Selecting 3 works of art 3 works of architecture.
    ⦁ Identifying the prominent features of each of the six examples.
    ⦁ Generalizing the features common to these six examples.
    ⦁ Evaluating how these generic features made the art architecture.
    ⦁ demonstrate the philosophy/ principles of the movement.
    ⦁ Identifying three Indian examples each for art and architecture visually.
    ⦁ corresponding with the features of the allotted movement.
    ⦁ Evaluate the visual characteristics to analyse how they adhere to the visual         principles.
    ⦁ Evaluating how these generic features made the art architecture
    ⦁ demonstrate the contemporary.
    ⦁ Finalizing the Report and Internal Examination.

F.Y. New Courses : Sem-I and Sem-II

1. Textile Design

2. Creative Writing and Scripting

3. Painting

4. Dyeing and Printing of fabrics

5. Cinematography

6. The process and advance techniques in Painting.