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13th March 2019

Packaging design is a course in third year product design in which the students are taught about the process of packaging design. This course includes students exploring, experimenting and designing a packaging for a product. The VISUAL COMMUNICATION workshop mainly focused on the label designing of the package. In the three day workshop students designed the packaging and after several experiments finally designed the label aesthetics of the package they had made. Mrs. TRIVENI PAWAR is an expert in the visual communication field, she enlightened the students about various detail considerations in designing a label for a package. A complete new field was explored and enjoyed by the product design students. 


26th February 2019

A three day workshop on GIS was conducted by Er. Vikrant Nikam (Founder Member of Albedo Foundation, Nashik) for the students of fifth year B.Arch. Er. Nikam has graduated from MPRV University Rahuri and completed his M.Tech from Indian Institute of Remote sensing, ISRO,Dehradun. The workshop highlighted the importance of Remote Sensing (RS) and Geographic Information system (GIS) in the field of urban and regional planning, town planning, etc.

The latest application of GIS soft wares across the world and its relevance in the smart city planning was elaborately discussed. The software also has applications in disaster management plans, environmental impact assessment plans, etc.

The workshop also included the applications of Google Earth softwares. The students were assigned small exercises to test their understanding of the two soft wares.

The software introduced in the workshop were Google Earth and GRAM ++ GIS.


11th January 2019

Under the course electives, A workshop on app design was conducted for the third year Product design and Furniture design students. The course enables the students to explore other domains in the field beyond product design. The three day workshop was led by Mr. ANANT TAMBADE, he made the students familiar and opened them to the field of UI/UX (user interface/ user experience) and how it is practiced in the professional industry. The workshop started with a brief introduction about the field and digital user experience followed by a presentation by Mr. Anant Tambade’s work and experience in it and ended on a note where students were able to design apps of their own interests.


26th December 2017

Bamboo workshop was conducted for the students of second year architecture by architect Akshay Jadhav and supported by Rajdeep Vanderkar and Ameya along with two skilled workers. All three mentors are alumni of this college who have worked extensively with Bamboo since their graduation. The workshop intended to introduce the students the technology to various alternate building technology and materials. It also taught them various bamboo joinery details. It exposed them to thinking out of the box and explores the sustainable building material – Bamboo, which is also known as green gold. The philosophy of MVP samaj’s college of Architecture – Learning by doing was also echoed in the workshop. The workshop kick-started with a presentation by Akshay and his team showing various types of bamboos, the treatment given to them to increase their life and various projects carried out by them. This gave the students a glimpse of the various possibilities and potential of Bamboo as a modern material. During first two days they designed a parametric façade for the college building along with a hyperbolic pavilion. The façade reflected modern architectural innovation possible with Bamboo which is generally looked upon as a vernacular material. The parametric façade consisted of 36 modules made from bamboo frames. The frames were joined together by strips of sliced bamboo of various lengths that gave it a dynamic and parametric form. On the last day of the workshop, the students used the techniques learnt for a small 4’ x 4’ module on a larger scale to make a hyperbolic pavilion of 20’ X 20’. The pavilion consisted of 8 triangular frames which were joined together by nut-bolt system and supported by bamboo props initially. As the strips of sliced bamboo were fitted, the props could be removed. The pavilion is proposed to be used as an outdoor seating area for the students. The pavilion will be incorporated in the canteen which is proposed in the campus. The workshop was coordinated by Ar.Suruchi Ranadive and the second year design team consisting of Ar.Purva Shah, Ar.Kiran Kadam, Ar. Gaurav Arbooj, Ar.Hemant Thakarey, Ar. Jui Sabnis and Ar.Yusuf Nasikwala. Other faculty members like Ar. Sharmishtha Surajiwale and Er. Anil Thombare also guided the students.


26th December 2018
28th December 2018

Bamboo workshop was conducted for the students of third year architecture under the expert guidance of Ar. Jayesh Apte and team. Mr. Jayesh Apte gave the students hands on experience of working with bamboo as a construction material.. The workshop began with Ar. Jayesh imparting basic knowledge about the properties and potential of the material. During two days students were also trained to treat bamboo for construction purpose and utilise the same for different joineries. The outcome of the workshop was a Geodesic Dome. The modules required for the dome were to be made using bamboo sections joined by steel plates. The various tasks of cutting the bamboo to appropriate lengths with precision, cutting steel plates, drilling holes in the plates and nut bolting them together was allocated to different groups of students. Finally after the preparation was done, the assembly of the geodesic dome was completed.

The process of part to whole was a valuable learning for the students and in coherence with the institute philosophy ‘Learning by doing’ and Co-existence with Nature’. All of them were heavily inspired by the innumerable possibilities that this wonder grass had to offer, that too with the minimum environmental impact. The Geodesic dome will be used as a semi covered sit out space or a lecture space in the campus.

The workshop was coordinated by third year Design team – Prof. Arpita Bhat, Prof. Gitanjali Patil, Prof. Nandan Malani, Prof. Meghana Joshi and visiting faculties.


14th November 2018

With an objective to understand meaning and importance of studying Indian Art Forms for the students of First year Architecture under the subject Humanities, a guest lecture and a workshop on Indian Dance and Dance Forms was organized. Kathak Dancer Ms. Deepa Bakshi from Nashik was invited for the same. Ms. Bakshi introduced students with different Indian dance forms such as bharatnatyam, odisi, kuchipudi kathak etc. and variation of costumes, expressions etc. for these dance forms through photographic presentation and demonstrations. She explained the simplicity of Kathak dance form and principles of balance, symmetry etc. in kathak through performing various dance postures. Ms. Bakshi also elaborated on different “mudras” and expressions in kathak. In the later session selected pictures of various dance forms and dance poses were given to the students wherein they identified and sketched the geometrical form involved in the composition, analyzed the dance figure and form in terms of stability, repetition, balance, flow, line of gravity, Centre of mass etc.


19th September 2018

For centuries various cultures all over the world have used masks as a way to express individual and group identity. In some cultures masks are an important part of spiritual rituals. In other cultures they are a part of national traditions such as celebrations of war or independence. Masks play role in life-cycle events such as weddings and funerals. Thus with a thought that culture can be understood by analyzing the masks used by its people, a one day workshop was conducted for first year B.Arch students under the subject Humanities. Students were introduced to different cultures worldwide through a lecture and presentation by Dr. Prajakta Baste. They were then given pictures of different masks representing different cultures such as Egyptian, African, Chinese, Japanes etc. They traced the pictures on Armstrong ceiling tile, cut the profile and shaped the features of masks, colour schemes according to the actual masks. The masks were used to understand the regional philosophical thoughts. The activity was coordinated by subject teachers, Dr. Prajakta Baste, Prof. Jui Sabnis, workshop and model making teacher - Prof. Suhas Datrnge and Prof. Sankalp Bagul – Prof. Fine Arts.


12th September 2018

The introduction to the theatre lights by Sir Balkrushna Tidke was given to the set design students for the practical understanding of theatre lights design. It was two days workshop in which :

1st DAY- Live Theatre Experience was given to students by performing 2 theatre production:

              1st   – ‘Tiricch’ performed by actor Anshu Singh,

              2nd  – ‘ Vhay mi Savitribai’ performed by actress Damini Jadhav.


Tiricch was one act Hindi play. The play reveals the various layers of society , tiricch is always accomplishing process gives you all surrealism, abstract, mystical experience for the audience.


Savitribai was one act Marathi play. The play was all about Savitribai Phule talking herself to the audience about her time and her struggle for women education throughout her life.The set design students participated throughout the play which started working with backstage, lights, camera and understanding of how it works during the act.

2nd DAY – The Set design students implemented the learning of 1st day performance and enacted scenes designed and given by Balkrushna Tidke Sir. From installing all the lights and dismantling them. This workshop gave a clearity and better understanding through the experience and practical knowledge of the subject.


11th September 2018

Anthropometry studies the physical measurement of Human body, particularly size and shape. It involves the systematic measurement of the physical properties of the human body, primarily dimensional descriptions of the body shape and size. Today, anthropometry plays an important role in clothing design, ergonomics, and architecture where statistical data about the distribution of body dimensions in the population are used to optimize products. The objective of the exercise was to make the First year students aware of human dimensions and its relation to various functions along with the standard proportion systems. In the first part of this exercise students were made to measure their friends for human dimensions of specific given postures. This enabled them to arrive at highest, lowest, and mean value of the taken measurements for all the postures. Students prepared  A2 size folio for the anthropometry data of residential spaces like living room, kitchen, bedroom and toilets. For the second part a hands on activity involving life size models was conducted for the better understanding of commercial spaces like Restaurant, bar and Bank. Students worked on predesigned function of the said space, to create a mock Restaurant and Bank. Using the anthropometric data, they prepared models with materials like MDF, plywood and hardware. This activity was conducted under the guidance of Design team and workshop faculty.


9th August 2018

A two days workshop on universal design was conducted by Ar. Parul Kumtha from Mumbai for students of fourth year B. Arch under the subject curriculum of Design and Technology Elective. Ar. Parul Kumtha represents the firm ‘Nature Nurture’, Mumbai. She is a Universal Design Architect, Access Auditor for Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan, Government of India. The first day of workshop included presentations by Ar. Parul madam on concept of integration in design and Principles of Universal Design that sensitized students about the subject. In subsequent sessions experiential activities were conducted for the students where they actually used wheelchairs, cane sticks, blindfolds, earplugs and crutches to access various facilities within the campus. Students shared their experiences, discussed the issues and came up with the presentations for probable solutions. They got different insights from the discussion sessions with Ar. Parul madam which helped them to take a holistic design approach towards the proposed solutions. Second day of the workshop educated the students about the Harmonized guidelines for barrier free design by Environment Ministry of Urban Department under Sugamya Bharat Abhiyan. End of the workshop was marked by a book reading session of the publication, N.A.S.I.K. by Ar. Parul Kumtha and her team. The book is based on the work done by the team on inclusive design proposals for the buildings in Nashik. It also shares contemplations at how to tread the middle path that looks at existing process and practices, while merging them with accessibility solutions that will provide dignified and complete access to everyone. The workshop was coordinated by Prof. Ketaki Joshi and Prof. Rama Raghavan.


29th March 2018
22nd February 2018

Under the subject 'Allied Elective' for final year B. Arch course, this year an effort was taken to develop soft skills and graphical language of the students which would be essential and helpful for them in academics and profession. For this purpose Mr. Prakash Kathpal from 'Skylight', 3D graphics training institute, Nashik, was invited to conduct lectures and practice sessions for the students under his supervision. The sessions were targeted on application of graphic softwares like Sketchup, VRay, Rhyno and Photoshop for architectural 3d modeling, rendering and presentation techniques in shorter time for better output. The activity was co-ordinated by Prof. Ketaki Manolkar to have 10 sessions of 2 hours each. The activity resulted in improved graphical presentation by the students in terms of 2d architectural drawing, 3d modeling with material applications, human and landscape characters, light effects etc., improved sheet compositions with appropriate font sizes, better quality images, backgrounds, innovative nameplates etc.


Calligraphy Workshop
26th February 2018

On the occasion of Late Shri. V.V. Shirwadkar (Kusumagraj) Janmadin, the renowned Marathi writer, 'Marathi Rajya Bhasha Din' was celebrated with great enthusiasm in M.V.P.S.'s College of Architecture. Renowned artist, Mr. Nandu Gawande conducted a calligraphy workshop for first year B.Arch and B.Des students. Mr. Gawande delivered a speech wherein he threw light on richness and uniqueness of Marathi language. He expressed necessity of todays generation to have proud for the mother tongue and respect the same by practicing 'Marathi' in daytoday affairs. Mr. Gawande demonstrated use of simple tools like toothbrush, ice-cream sticks, crushed paper etc. to create beautiful calligraphy explorations in Marathi. Students actively participated in the workshop. Their work was displayed in the campus. Principal, Dr. Prajakta Baste, Prof. Gitanjali Patil, Prof. Abhishek Nasikkar, Prof. Ketaki Manolkar, Prof. Ankita Pathare, Prof. Sharmishtha Surajiwale from B.Arch and Prof. Pratiksha Bankar, Prof Bhoomika from B.Des. were involved in the activity.


14th February 2018
15th February 2018

A two day workshop on 'Architectural Journalism' was conducted by Prof. Smita Dalvi for fourth and final year architecture students under the subject Allied Elective. Prof Smita Dalvi is a chief editor of the refereed journal 'Tekton', Pillais College of Architecture, Mumbai. In her presentation, Architecture and Journalism, Prof. Dalvi elaborated on the importance of writing on architecture. She introduced students with different writing types and publication types like trade magazines, critical writing, newspaper columns, architectural reviews, online portals etc. She also explained in detail the structure of writing Dissertation for architectural design project. On second day Prof. Dalvi gave an insightful presentation on Modernism in India before Independence and after independence where she insisted on having understanding about architectural history for architectural writing. The faculty involved was Principal, Dr. Prajakta Baste, Prof. Ketaki Manolkar, Prof. Natasha Parsai. Through certain brief assignments, Prof. Dalvi motivated students to read and methodically write on architecture. Outcome of the workshop was writing articles by the students based on structured interview questions, write ups on delight and outrages, summary writing from the given readers etc. after analytical discussions.


7th February 2018

Shailesh Rajput a product designer and allumni of M.V.P.S.s College of Architecture and Centre for Design, Nashik interacted with first, second year architecture and product design students. Shailesh Rajput is a Principal Designer at Shailesh Rajput Studio that specialises in bespoke lighting installations, lifestyle furniture, sculpture, wall murals & installations in hand blown glass, brass, and copper. Through demonstaration of his own projects he explained the concept of biomimicry and biomorphism to the students. In a very informal way he had an open dialogue with the students where he shared his journey from a student to a professionsal. Shailesh Rajput inspired students to put life and soul into everything they create which would lead them to create good designs. Students also interacted with the designer to enrich their knowledge on design process, insprations, difficulties etc. The overall talk was usefull for the faculty as well to understand the students psyche while guiding them for design. Prof. Ketaki Manolkar, Prof. Gaurav arbooj, Prof. Ketan Chaturmutha and Prof. Rohan Patwa attended the talk.


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