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12th September 2018

The introduction to the theatre lights by Sir Balkrushna Tidke was given to the set design students for the practical understanding of theatre lights design. It was two days workshop in which :

1st DAY- Live Theatre Experience was given to students by performing 2 theatre production:

              1st   – ‘Tiricch’ performed by actor Anshu Singh,

              2nd  – ‘ Vhay mi Savitribai’ performed by actress Damini Jadhav.


Tiricch was one act Hindi play. The play reveals the various layers of society , tiricch is always accomplishing process gives you all surrealism, abstract, mystical experience for the audience.


Savitribai was one act Marathi play. The play was all about Savitribai Phule talking herself to the audience about her time and her struggle for women education throughout her life.The set design students participated throughout the play which started working with backstage, lights, camera and understanding of how it works during the act.

2nd DAY – The Set design students implemented the learning of 1st day performance and enacted scenes designed and given by Balkrushna Tidke Sir. From installing all the lights and dismantling them. This workshop gave a clearity and better understanding through the experience and practical knowledge of the subject.


29th March 2018
22nd February 2018

Under the subject 'Allied Elective' for final year B. Arch course, this year an effort was taken to develop soft skills and graphical language of the students which would be essential and helpful for them in academics and profession. For this purpose Mr. Prakash Kathpal from 'Skylight', 3D graphics training institute, Nashik, was invited to conduct lectures and practice sessions for the students under his supervision. The sessions were targeted on application of graphic softwares like Sketchup, VRay, Rhyno and Photoshop for architectural 3d modeling, rendering and presentation techniques in shorter time for better output. The activity was co-ordinated by Prof. Ketaki Manolkar to have 10 sessions of 2 hours each. The activity resulted in improved graphical presentation by the students in terms of 2d architectural drawing, 3d modeling with material applications, human and landscape characters, light effects etc., improved sheet compositions with appropriate font sizes, better quality images, backgrounds, innovative nameplates etc.


Calligraphy Workshop
26th February 2018

On the occasion of Late Shri. V.V. Shirwadkar (Kusumagraj) Janmadin, the renowned Marathi writer, 'Marathi Rajya Bhasha Din' was celebrated with great enthusiasm in M.V.P.S.'s College of Architecture. Renowned artist, Mr. Nandu Gawande conducted a calligraphy workshop for first year B.Arch and B.Des students. Mr. Gawande delivered a speech wherein he threw light on richness and uniqueness of Marathi language. He expressed necessity of todays generation to have proud for the mother tongue and respect the same by practicing 'Marathi' in daytoday affairs. Mr. Gawande demonstrated use of simple tools like toothbrush, ice-cream sticks, crushed paper etc. to create beautiful calligraphy explorations in Marathi. Students actively participated in the workshop. Their work was displayed in the campus. Principal, Dr. Prajakta Baste, Prof. Gitanjali Patil, Prof. Abhishek Nasikkar, Prof. Ketaki Manolkar, Prof. Ankita Pathare, Prof. Sharmishtha Surajiwale from B.Arch and Prof. Pratiksha Bankar, Prof Bhoomika from B.Des. were involved in the activity.


14th February 2018
15th February 2018

A two day workshop on 'Architectural Journalism' was conducted by Prof. Smita Dalvi for fourth and final year architecture students under the subject Allied Elective. Prof Smita Dalvi is a chief editor of the refereed journal 'Tekton', Pillais College of Architecture, Mumbai. In her presentation, Architecture and Journalism, Prof. Dalvi elaborated on the importance of writing on architecture. She introduced students with different writing types and publication types like trade magazines, critical writing, newspaper columns, architectural reviews, online portals etc. She also explained in detail the structure of writing Dissertation for architectural design project. On second day Prof. Dalvi gave an insightful presentation on Modernism in India before Independence and after independence where she insisted on having understanding about architectural history for architectural writing. The faculty involved was Principal, Dr. Prajakta Baste, Prof. Ketaki Manolkar, Prof. Natasha Parsai. Through certain brief assignments, Prof. Dalvi motivated students to read and methodically write on architecture. Outcome of the workshop was writing articles by the students based on structured interview questions, write ups on delight and outrages, summary writing from the given readers etc. after analytical discussions.


7th February 2018

Shailesh Rajput a product designer and allumni of M.V.P.S.s College of Architecture and Centre for Design, Nashik interacted with first, second year architecture and product design students. Shailesh Rajput is a Principal Designer at Shailesh Rajput Studio that specialises in bespoke lighting installations, lifestyle furniture, sculpture, wall murals & installations in hand blown glass, brass, and copper. Through demonstaration of his own projects he explained the concept of biomimicry and biomorphism to the students. In a very informal way he had an open dialogue with the students where he shared his journey from a student to a professionsal. Shailesh Rajput inspired students to put life and soul into everything they create which would lead them to create good designs. Students also interacted with the designer to enrich their knowledge on design process, insprations, difficulties etc. The overall talk was usefull for the faculty as well to understand the students psyche while guiding them for design. Prof. Ketaki Manolkar, Prof. Gaurav arbooj, Prof. Ketan Chaturmutha and Prof. Rohan Patwa attended the talk.


7th September 2017
8th September 2017

A two-day workshop was organized by GRIHA Council for third and fourth year B.Arch. students of M.V.P.S.'s College of Architecture and Centre for Design, Nashik. On day one, brief presentations were delivered to the students to understand the concept of green buildings, their criteria and compliance measures under different variants as prescribed by GRIHA. The variants included sustainable site management, water efficiency, sustainable materials use, energy efficiency, renewable energy use etc. On the second day, interactive sessions on human comfort and day lighting in buildings were organized wherein exercises were conducted on methods of calculating day lighting in buildings and generating shading device design options by the students for different facade orientations. The workshop culminated in working on green building measures for the given architectural project and detailed discussions on the same. Thus, the workshop was a step forward for the students to understand practical applications of green building concepts in architectural design.


Ganapati Model Making Workshop
23rd August 2017

Every year M.V.P.S's College of Architecture and Centre for Design, Nashik takes up student activities reflecting the institute philosophy viz. 'Learning by doing' and 'Co-existence with nature'. Ganpati model making workshop using eco-friendly material is one of such activities. Ganpati utsav is the festival which is celebrated with great enthusiasm in Nashik, but the idol worshiped at this occasion is mostly made up of plaster of paris. Many people are unaware of the danger it poses to our environment. Considering this fact the said workshop is conducted in the institute. Students explore their skills in making ganesh idols under guest expertise guidance at the same time paying their respect to nature. This activity greatly helps to bring awareness in students for reduced use of non-eco-friendly material. This year students of first to fourth year B.Arch and B.Des actively participated in the workshop under the guidance of Prof. Datrange accompanied by college faculties. The workshop ended with the variety of idols which were worshiped by everyone for next 5 days.


Orientation Towards Design
3rd July 2017
4th July 2017

MVPS College of Architecture & Center of Design had organized two days Orientation workshop for 1st year B.Des students dated on 3rdJuly 2017 & 4thJuly 2017 guided by Prof. Nishant Sharma from IDC IIT Powai, Mumbai. On 1st day students were divided into different groups and they were asked to work on 3 different materials i.e. Clay, POP(plaster of Paris) & Wood, which ranged from soft, hard and hardest. The Objective of this exercise was, student should play with materials to have hands on experience of creating their expressions. The expressions were diverse, unique & a celebration of the thought process of young entrants into the world of design.

On 2nd day an outdoor activity was conducted titled 'Body Storming', in which the class was divided into two groups and each group was given different task. The objective of this exercise was students should keep trying from failures, until they are at their wits end, from which a small seed of imagination may grow into a big tree of exploration. Students learn essence of team spirit, joy of sharing, the built of strong leader & of course learning.


Workshop On Desigining Lights By Mr.Kiran Gangadharan

A workshop on designing lights was conducted by Mr. KIRAN GANGADHARAN an alumni of IIT Guwahati, where 4th year product design students participated for 4 days. The brief was to create light lamps using a simple story. Most of the times minimalism is most difficult to achieve, hence the students were asked to create simple lights and understand the detailing that goes into it for manufacturing.


Complete Streets Workshop By ITDP
21st August 2017

The workshop on Complete streets was conducted by 'Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP), India' for fourth year B. Arch students, subject of Town Planning, under the Institute Philosophy - " Learning by Doing ". It is a step towards the betterment of Indian Urban streets by designing them to encourage non-motorized and public transport by meticulously analyzing the patterns of street usage by people in response to factors like availability of footpaths, shading on streets, lighting provisions, vehicle speed, amenities, safety, user friendliness and many more. The activity was guided by architects and urban planners, Ar. Rohit Gadia, Ar. Harshad Abhyankar, Ar. Advait Jani and Ar. Pranjali Deshpande-Agashe along with the faculty, Prof. Sanjeev Patil, Prof. Kiran Kadam and Prof. Gaurav Arbuj. Students surveyed the identified main streets within the Nashik city and mapped the observations. After analyzing the same, street design proposals were generated under five parameters of walkability, parking, footpaths, crowd streets mapping and building use. ITDP being an advisory body for the local authorities, the proposals thus generated are aimed to be presented to the Municipal Corporation, Nashik in the form of street design guidelines for further development and execution.


Technical Communication Workshop For Personality Development
28th January 2017

Second And Third Year Workshop- Technical Communication


Design Workshop - Fractal Geometry
9th January 2017

A three days joint collaboration workshop on 'Fractal Geometry' was organized in the institute with the first year B.Arch. students of MVPS's College of Architecture & Center for Design ,Nashik & First Year B. Arch. students from Academy of Architecture, Mumbai.


Workshop on Climate Responsive Architecture by Prof. Kolhatkar

A two days workshop on 'Climate Responsive Architecture' was conducted in the institute by Sr. Prof. S.L. Kolhatkar from Bharati Vidyapeeth college of Architecture, Pune. The workshop was conducted for 3rd and 4th year B.Arch students under the curriculum Institute philosophy - 'Co-existence with nature'


Landscape in Inscapes
17th January 2016
18th January 2016

Ar. Apeksha Kute, a renowned practicing landscape architect in Nashik, conducted a workshop on Landscape in inscapes for Architecture and Design fraternity students from third and fourth year. The Workshop aimed at giving exposure to the students towards future possibilities of the Inscape design- concerns, challenges and new possibilities.


Linear Elements in Textiles (Interior)
12th January 2016
13th January 2016

Dr. Padmini Balram, Ph.D. CEPT University, Ahmedabad, conducted a two days workshop on 'Linear Elements in Textiles' for B.Des Interior design students.


Brick Workshop of AVD ( Arches, Vaults, Domes) by Ar. Rahul Rawat & Ar. Praveen Mali.
24th January 2015
25th January 2015
26th January 2015

In his presentation, 'Reinventing the tradition for better future', Ar. Praveen Mali focused on the benefits of traditional load bearing brick construction over R.C.C construction by demonstrating his own projects. The presentation was followed by a two days hands on workshop on brick arches, domes and vaults construction under the guidance of Ar. Praveen Mali and Ar. Rahul Rawat, who are strongly into sustainable architecture designing and study of local building materials and technology for cost effective solutions.


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